Turn paperwork into a mobile app

Enterprise software for your field to office team; set them up for success, & keep the business in sync with no compromise.

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Good for the business

Is Good for the customer

The faster route to more efficient, productive operations

Array makes work simpler, quicker, safer. From your app or platform you can collect data from mobile teams, manage tasks and jobs throughout your organization, and generate insightful reports.


Accelerate Operational Excellence

Inefficient processes cost your teams time, money, and energy. Custom software shouldn’t do the same. Array saves you time, reduces spend, and gives your team bandwidth to focus on what’s important.

  • Expedite time-to-market

    Develop your processes in Array in a matter of days, not months. Empower your team to build and deploy the forms and workflows they need. Array specialists are here to help you expand in use cases and across departments to keep everyone connected.

  • Capable, Simple Interface

    Our drag and drop, visual interface opens development to more stakeholders allowing those who are closest to the day to day operations to build and update the processes they know best.

  • Reduce Technical debt

    No more constant updates, no more downtime, far fewer bugs. Array’s cloud based platform handles all technical debt for you so that you can stay focused and stay up and running. Technology is accelerating fast and our technical professionals keep the Array software up-to-date to keep all your old & new devices connected.

  • No cost for innovation

    Array’s suite of tools and tiered subscription plans allow you to experiment across business operations with no extra cost for innovation.

  • Empower Collaboration

    Our collaborative platform allows team members to control and create forms, docs, reports, tasks, and workflows through different levels of access, audit trails and password protected data.

  • Secured Satisfaction

    Array sets high standards for software security so you can have peace of mind. All security, compliance, and infrastructure is continuously maintained by the Array team. We go above and beyond industry standards.



Create advanced interactive forms with a powerful form builder


Automatically generate PDF documents embedded with form data


Display, analyze, and share data with customizable dashboards


Automate and manage processes with action triggers and remote task management

Made to scale

Array allows users to collect data using a mobile or desktop device, replacing all your paper forms. Array mobile forms are for job completion reports, incident reports, asset surveys, sub-contractor reports and much more. 

On Premise

Keep your data on premise or in the cloud


Array platform supports your GDPR compliance


Array features multi-factor authentication as standard


Access Array safely & securely from anywhere on any device

Array. Your Way.

Never miss a mission critical task with Array. Application driven processes ensure your business runs exactly the way that you want. Assign and manage tasks and processes instantly across the organization - from office to field and everywhere in between. Never worry about whether or not your remote teams are getting the job done right. Rest easy knowing you're in complete control.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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