You can now connect with more apps that you could ever image, over 750 to be precise!

We have a limited number of Private Beta spaces available for Zapier which we would like to offer to you! if you would like to be a part, follow this link:

Many of us today want to automate processes. This may be one of the exact reasons you are looking to use or already use Array. To enhance the capabilities of Lauunchcloud we want you to communicate to all the other applications/software you rely on day to day within your job. We have decided to integrate with Zapier.

Zapier is automation software that allows one app to communicate to another and send data between to perform repetitive daily tasks, all completed without the need for backend coding, maintenance or bespoke one-off productions by your company. Zapier is a very business focused application allowing you to take processes like saving attachments from emails to sending socials posts out online and automating these processes by creating bespoke Zap’s using Zapiers’ one-off Zap builder. Zapier being a technical platform, is so simple to use and can be an enormous time-saver for all. Get involved!

There is no need for you to install Zapier directly into Array, Instead, to set up each individual Zap you need to sign up and log into Zapier directly.

To give you a better idea of some of the apps that Zapier can integrate with and the tasks it can complete here are a few examples:

  • Podio to create new tasks from submitted forms
  • Add an event automatically to Google Cal
  • Update or create new lead in Intercom information with from submissions
  • Create new Trello boards, cards or tasks
  • Feed specific submissions to Slack for a team to complete
  • Feed information to an existing CRM like Salesforce

There are many many more and Zapier have a number of pre-made Zaps ready to use but you can also produce your own too for those bespoke services you need for the tasks you complete. There are a number of apps/software available to make bespoke Zaps so no doubt the one you are looking for is right there!

Using Zapier in conjunction with Array can open a new world for your data and can automate processes you may not even know were possible. Automating these tasks may take a few moments to set up but once completed will save hours for you or your teams day.

Be the first to tell us how your integrations with Zapier are, how well it is working for you and any actions you cant find... It's new to us too!

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