One of the biggest challenges for an online business today is capturing leads. Whether it’s on your website or out in the field, capturing leads is a challenge that every successful business learns to master. At Array we are always working with our friends at Base CRM to make the sales process easier.

As you may know, we have had a Base connector for a while, and having listened to your customer feedback we have now added Base Deals into Array. This will bring a new seamless approach to your deal flow by connecting your CRM to Array’s data management platform.

What Are Base Deals & How Can I Use Them In Array?

"Ideal for when you need a details survey, review or assessment that require signatures or pictures."

In Base CRM, a Deal is a sales opportunity you've identified through one of your Contacts or Leads. Create a deal and track it as it moves through the sales pipeline. The Array Base Deal interface now means that if you capture a lead in Array at an event or conference, online or offline, you can then follow up your new lead in Array’s integrated Base app at a later time, wherever you may be - this can be extremely useful at sales events and during experiential marketing activities.















The beauty of this integration is that you can set up exactly where your form data should map to in Base – either to your leads, contacts or companies and now Deals. This is a direct connection between the platforms, no additional third parties to get in the way. Array also gives you the option to attach responses from your forms to your contacts in Base - this creates documents that will automatically update Base records with the incoming forms. A complete record of the response can be stored in Base documents as a PDF, JPEG, or Excel file. This is the simplest way to set up document automation. 

In real time, data can be pulled from your Base account to auto-complete a Array form if you need to add information to a potential lead contact or sale. Any changes you make in Array are pushed back into Base so the Deal can progress. 

"Create a fast, seamless two-way sync between Array and Base."

The ways of generating leads through Array are limitless, methods include: embedding your Array forms into your website, blasting a public form out on social media, or capturing data directly through the Array app — whatever works best for your business.

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