Fast, powerful mobile software tailored to the construction industry enabling seamless collaboration

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  • Mobile forms to help you get practical completion
  • Gather data from any contractor anywhere and sign off jobs as they go
  • Adapt to any project immediately with mobile forms that can be customised to cover any client requirement.

Find out how Array helps businesses streamline their processes by ridding them of nuisance paper either onsite or back at HQ.

Stay in control of the project management process with visibility and flexibility

Work seamlessly with contractors and clients to ensure quality control is maintained to the highest degree and deadlines are never exceeded.

  • Automated notifications highlighting when deadlines are coming up to those who need to know.
  • Log all health and safety, compliance and audit, and equipment checks on site using any device.
  • Project’s change on a daily basis and Arrays flexibility enables you to upload new site drawings and documents with ease.

Save time and use Array's field marketing form templates.

Get up and running today with our ready to go digital online forms

Customised dashboard per project to successfully manage multiple jobs

Manage all of your project data all in one place and keep each job up to date and on track with analytical reporting and transparency to keep everyone in the loop on practical completion.  

Collect data from offline apps by adopting mobile auditing into your standard operating procedure and work flows

Create automated reminders

Deadlines are tight, so make sure all jobs are completed on time and signed off with automated reminders for sub-contractors and project workers.

Readable analytical reporting

Analyze ongoing job progress or deep dive into post project completion for positive work flow patterns and areas of improvement ready for the next job.

  • Complete checklists offline

    No internet connection? No problem, continue the job offline with our Array app

  • Quick deploy for smarter working

    Immediate forms deployment to allow subcontractors to get the job done quickly.

  • Practical completion

    Make sure everything is signed off snag free on time to hand over the job with practical completion

  • Analyze data

    Use an in-depth reporting dashboard to find positive patterns and workflow issues to improve productivity.

  • Visibility on project process

    Keep those who need to know in the loop with project access to the right people

  • Adaptable forms

    Attach forms and customise as and when required so each project is tailored to your needs

  • Log all data

    Keep everything all in one place with custom made project dashboards.

  • Automate reminders

    Send automated messages to team members and contractors letting them know any project changes

  • Ensure constant compliance

    Never fall foul of compliance issues with ready to go created compliance forms. 

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