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Zendesk Sell

Zen Desk Sell is a CRM software that helps manage your sales to accelerate the growth of your business.

Leads are what keep your sales machine running. Without them, the pipeline would run dry. The sooner they can be captured, sorted, and added to your CRM, the sooner they can be converted into paying customers.

The Array integration with Zen Desk Sell allows you to add fields for capturing information on sales leads and company contacts, and instantly map that data back to Zen Desk Sell. Embed on your website, blast a public form out on social, or capture data directly through the Array app — whatever works best for your business. Zen Desk Sell will then teach you which sources convert leads to the most valuable paying customers, allowing you to shift attention to where it matters most.


  • Add Leads to Zen Desk Sell
  • Add Company's to Zen Desk Sell
  • Add Contacts to Zen Desk Sell
  • Auto-fill Array forms with data from Zen Desk Sell
  • Save PDF, Excel, CSV and images to your Zen Desk Sell account
  • Allow multiple accounts
  • Allow public forms
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Embed in website

Have a read of our Support Doc which explains how to set up Google Drive with Array

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  • Zen Desk Sell options in tool box
  • File types you can add to Zen Desk Sell
  • Types of contacts you can add
  • Zen Desk Sell configuration options
  • Pull in Zen Desk Sell data using our two way data search


  • Base CRM connection to Array
  • How to add a company to Base using Array
  • Add a contact to your Base CRM using Array
  • Add a lead to Base using Array
  • How to map data back to Base CRM using Array