Operations Management

Improve Productivity and Efficiency With A Smart Platform That Analyzes Your Operations and Gives You The Results You Need

  • Oversee high level HR duties and ensure your business is achieving high operational performance
  • Erase ineffective communication with our Array platform and ensure your team is cohesive in your projects
  • Set and achieve specified operational goals and track the progress of your team from anywhere with a mobile or desktop device

Never let training, planning or budgeting procedures hinder your business again with our Array platform that is designed to give you the information you need to plan your operations successfully

Build multiple forms and templates to dispatch anywhere your team is around the world and make certain all your companies guidelines are always being followed. Track and analyze the data you collect to enhance your companies strategy and maintain your goals.

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop form builder with integration capability
  • Obtain feedback from your dispatched forms to get a clear image of your business
  • Use real-time data to empower your employees to be more effective and efficient

Automate any sector of your businesses operations with form templates that work for you

Get up and running today with our ready to go digital online forms

Obtain real-time data reports from your company anywhere in the world to plan your finest operations strategy for your business

Manage any task big or small with Array and see just how easy it is to obtain the real-time data you need to deliver results. Keep track of both form submissions and submissions by individual employees to ensure your company is maintaining their daily goals.

Share Information and Store Data Using Integrations

We have many types of integrations so you can create workflows that connect with other apps you and your team use every day. Whether your working with Amazon Web Services or Zapier, Array offers tons of integrations. Never jump through endless hoops to get data out to your team again with Array.

Easily create complex low-code workflows to keep you and your team well informed on every aspect of your business

Guarantee each step is completed with workflows and erase the need to micromanage the projects you and your business face. Set up workflows to trigger SMS text messages or emails to ensure you and high-ranking members of your team are always educated on any problems encountered during a project. Check the progress of your employee's training programs or examine the status of your business's projects all from your mobile or desktop device. 

Benefits to your team by using Array

Improve on audit and compliance
Gain access to accurate data sooner
Lower operations and admin costs
Save field worker hours
Improve comms & accuracy
Find the right staff

Create forms and workflows for staff training programs to ensure your new and current employees are well educated on every aspect of their task. Observe employee's progress and adjust your training programs to further automate operations management in your business and achieve the company coherence your striving for.

Operations Dashboard

Our all in one up the minute analytics dashboard lets you display all the major information from your operations all on one screen. Erase the need to jump from screen to screen or software to software to get all the details you need when making drastic decisions that impact your whole company. 

Share and Assign Task

Assign multiple projects to your employees or share forms with your team all from one location. Give ranking members of your team different levels of administration access to ensure their always educated on the current progress of their group project. Never let a communication issue be the detriment of any task again.

Maximize Efficiency

Workflow automation is a must to ensure you and your employees have time to work on projects that simply cannot be automated. Ensure accuracy and high productivity with automated workflows that do all the unnecessary work for you.

Product Management Software

Our platform can track inventory levels anywhere your reps are located and give you up the minute information on every sale or inventory restock request your employees make. Use geolocation and graph data to make the correct decisions when venturing into a new market or spot market trends with the information you collect.

Reduce the need for Paper

Paper is a thing of the past in your operations with Array. You can review analytical data or send and receive 1000's of forms from your customers and employees without the need for 1 piece of paper. Save the time and money that comes with managing all that paperwork and focus on much more important tasks in your business.

No Service, No Problem

Never let a project be held up or lose information from a task again because of service issues. Our free IOS and Android app ensure that you and any of your employees can still collect data and achieve the goals you have set out for your operations. 

Ensure Accountability

Track any project progress or sales all from your dashboard and make certain all of your employees have the necessary tools to achieve their best when out in the field or the office. Monitor and track any errors made in the field and hold your employees accountable. 

Customer Interaction Tool

Collect valuable data from your customers with easy to build forms or templates to plan your next customer operations strategy. Use the customer data collected to create a plan of action to build an even better product offering for your customers than before.

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