Maintenance Forms and Checklists Made Easy

Using mobile maintenance forms and checklists, Array keeps businesses up to date on important maintenance tasks. Keep your business running smoothly and fully compliant with Array.

The best tool to maintain your business

Array's suite of tools ensures that businesses never miss an important maintenance task. Use Array’s maintenance app to place work orders, assign tasks to your maintenance team, log completed work, and manage the process from start to finish.

Easy-to-use Features

Array keeps you in control

Customize the way your maintenance teams work by adapting to any site location with flexible easy to use forms that take away the need to log data on paper. Keep your teams connected across the field and office - whether they’re online or offline.

  • Log & track all necessary maintenance checks onsite digitally with a mobile phone or tablet
  • Automatic notifications on faults so corrective action can be taken
  • Assign maintenance jobs & track current status
  • Instant updates from web to mobile

Get up and running with our ready to go maintenance template forms

Utilizing our industry-specific forms to help save you time and get you working quickly and effciently

Maintenance forms that work for you

Array's powerful form function is more than just a place to input information. Our drag and drop form builder makes working smarter easier than changing a lightbulb by enabling your maintenance teams to adapt to site-specific requirements with maintenance forms that can be edited with conditional logic and calculations.

  • Let Array do the math with integrated calculations.
  • Capture and annotate photos and video to provide deeper insight
  • Integrate the third-party hardware and software your teams are already using
  • Conditional logic can notify important parties as needed based on submissions.

Digitize your paperwork

Managing maintenance across an entire business spanning multiple locations can waste a ton of paper and even more time. Keep everything digital and available at your fingertips with a mobile maintenance app. Create specific easy to read reports that highlight key areas of concern enabling you to assign maintenance teams to deal with faults before they become a major issue.

  • Keep all your maintenance check data on one secure server
  • Share your information internally - securely and digitally
  • Automatic form to document conversion - save time creating necessary reports
  • Complete your maintenance forms and checklists online or offline

Streamline your process

Reduce your administrative workload and make sure the job gets done by automating tasks and workflows using simple, powerful logic functions and task management.

  • Built-in logic to automatically create and assign tasks
  • Automated form, email, and SMS triggers
  • Remote overviews and approvals
  • Customizable levels of severity, reminders, and deviations

Management made easy

Make sure your maintenance teams stay on task and make informed decisions faster by using custom reporting dashboards

  • Real-time analytics for faster, better analysis
  • Increase safety and compliance with transparent data, displayed the way you need
  • Keep the office and field teams informed, connected, and always on the same page
  • Send data where you need to go by integrating Array into your existing systems.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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