The Ultimate Claims Adjuster Tool for Independent Insurance Adjusters

Fully customize, control, and standardize the claim inspection process. Create a consistent scoping process which ensures adjusters don't miss a single detail. Application driven inspections powered by Array deliver accurate scopes 100% of the time in a fraction of the time of current inspection processes.

How Does Array Work for Independent Insurance Adjusters, Head Offices, and Carriers?

  • Build & Standardize

    Build a standardized process to create consistency in your inspections. Speed up the life cycle of your claims by digitizing your forms, assigning them directly to your field adjusters, and automatically generating final scope reports so they can close accurate claims in a fraction of time as before.

  • Inspect & Collect

    Array has all the tools field adjusters need loaded into one powerful app. Independent Adjusters can collect all the needed inspection information & media, input it directly into the app with or without internet connectivity, and let Array take care of the rest

  • Generate & Automate

    As soon as the form is submitted, the final scope report will generate automatically in whatever layout and format you decide. Images can be hosted on Array's servers to keep your file size small and load time fast with high resolution.

Efficient. Accurate. Simple.

We designed this app with independent adjusters, their management teams, and insurance carriers in mind. Nothing hurts a claim cycle more than inefficiency and inaccuracy. That's why Array is loaded with features that help adjusters in the field scope and close claims as quickly, consistently, and accurately as possible. Use any device, input inspection data as its collected, automatically create the final reports, and close the claim within hours rather than days. Never worry about whether your field teams are getting the job done right because you get to set the process and see the progress in real-time from the home office.

Insurance Claim Forms Ready to Work for You

No matter what type of claim your firm specializes in, we have forms already built with your needs in mind. Pull from our list of standardized industry forms, customize them to fit your needs, and then put them to work right away. Don't see the form you need? Use Array's powerful form builder to create it exactly the way you want.

Your Claims Process. Your way. Every Time.

Array helps independent insurance adjusting firms close more claims and deliver consistent, accurate reports by streamlining the scoping process. Keep your office connected to your agents in the field with a platform that supports every single member of the team.

  • Remove the clutter of physical forms and redundant data entry
  • Reduce the cycle time of your claims from days to hours
  • Improve your reporting accuracy
  • Use your valuable time to close more claims

100% Consistency Realized. 100% Accuracy Delivered.

Insurance carriers need the most accurate inspection data possible in order to support their claimants effectively. This means setting a consistent process from the first notice of loss to the final scope. Array ensures full consistency and accuracy throughout the entire life cycle of a claim.

  • Standardize the claim inspection process from start to finish
  • Receive accurate inspection data the first time - without any missing information
  • Finalize payouts to your claimants faster than ever before
  • Seamlessly integrate Array into your existing claims management software

One Tool. Unlimited Capabilities.

  • Cross-Device Functionality

    Array is a powerful web-based mobile application that can be used across platforms. Compatible with IOS and Android, Array is a must-have tool for independent adjusters.

  • Customizable Form Templates

    Select from standardized forms commonly used by adjusters. Customize those forms to fit your firm's needs, or create your own using Array's powerful form building features.

  • Integrated Media Capture

    Capture photo and video directly onto your forms as you complete them. Draw over images and add text captions for even more detailed reporting.

  • Automatically Generated Final Reports

    The data from your forms can automatically be uploaded into specified areas of the final report. As soon as the data has been collected, your final scope will be ready to deliver so you can close onsite, faster, and with less work.

  • Offline Capability

    No internet? No problem. Array is offline capable to keep the claim cycle alive. Data will store locally and automatically upload when the device reconnects.

  • Real-Time Team Management

    Array isn't just for field teams. The home office can use the platform to set and assign tasks, communicate with their field adjusters, review submissions & reports, and oversee the entire onsite process from start to finish.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app