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Turn paperwork
into a mobile app

Build better business forms for web and
offline apps, fast without coding.

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    Custom Forms

    The fields you want, the designs you like and the integrations you need

  • Tasks

    Smarter working leads to more efficient processes across the board

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    Easily assign, track, and manage tasks across your whole organization

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    Extend your brand across emails, forms, documents and your platform account

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    Enterprise-grade security safeguards all of your data, all the time

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    Transform your collated data into understandable, actionable insights

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    Custom Documents

    Create, share & collaborate with the document layouts you’re used to

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    Seamlessly integrate with custom APIs, webhooks, and cloud storage systems

You can do it all

Your organization is unique. So why settle for a platform that forces you to do what it wants instead of what you need? Array’s different. Array lets you do it all. From data collection and analysis to workflow planning and productivity monitoring.

Deploy as much or as little as you need. Where you want it, when you need it most.

That's the Array way

Think Big. Start Small.

Using Array doesn’t mean ripping up your existing processes and starting again. Start with a free trial to see how Array can transform your data collection, task management or reporting, then scale up and across your whole organization.

Array scales with you, doing more and more when you need it to, increasing productivity and security along the way.

Secure, Compliant, Safe

Array features multi-factor authentication as standard. Your data is kept encrypted, which means it’s kept safe.


The Array platform is GDPR-compliant straight out of the box, perfect for organizations dealing with European customers.

Accessible Anywhere

If your device has a web browser, you can access Array safely and securely. Desktops, laptops, tablets - even your cell phone while you’re in the field.

Infrastructure Integration

Keep your data on-premise? In the cloud? Array supports every type of server infrastructure, including hybrid systems.

ISO 9001:27001
Privacy Shield
G-cloud supplier
EU GDPR Compliant

Security made for the enterprise

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The faster route to more efficient, productive operations

Array makes work simpler. Quicker. Safer. From your app or platform, you can collect data from mobile teams, manage tasks and jobs throughout your organization, and generate insightful reports.

Try Array for free today, and learn how our platform will quickly and simply deliver more efficient, more productive operations.

  • Real-time operations

    See data instantly, as it comes in, without wasting time on data entry

  • Full compliance

    Ensure 100% safety compliance with built-in reminders and safe workflows

  • Slash costs

    Replace costly paperwork and manual data entry with our cost-effective alternative

  • Automate everything

    Don’t waste time with manual tasks - embrace automated workflows and data capture

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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