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Array maintains your most important competitive edge by making it simple to maintain even the highest quality control standards

The easy way to maintain the highest quality standards

You’re focused on quality control. Whether it’s your own internal benchmarks, the levels of service that your customers demand, or industry regulations, you don’t just meet standards. You set them. But quality demands don’t need to make your processes more demanding. When you choose Array, you can ensure product and service quality. Every single time.

Quality Assurance Features

Array helps you set the standard

Quality will make or break your reputation. Build a reputation for high quality, maintain it consistently, and you’ll have an unbeatable competitive advantage. Make sure everyone is working towards delivering excellence with inspections and insights from Array.

  • Use Array’s formbuilder to create strict quality control checks for your whole team
  • Instantly see who’s performing well, and who needs to up their game
  • Gain the real-time insights you need to raise the bar even higher
  • Monitor performance in multiple locations thanks to Android and iOS compatibility

Ready made forms to help you save time

Save time on quality assurance with our ready-to-use online forms

Think beyond your team

Meeting and exceeding quality standards means looking beyond your team and finding out what customers really think, by collecting and analyzing accurate, anonymous feedback. The data that gives you an honest look at exactly what you’re doing well - and what needs to improve.


  • Create simple, accessible webforms for customer feedback surveys
  • Collect, collate and analyze responses for a detailed overview of what users think
  • Share feedback forms via email, SMS, or QR code
  • Flag specific responses and instantly create tasks to address issues as they happen

Don’t address problems. Stop them from happening.

Maintaining quality standards isn’t about fixing problems. It’s about making sure they don’t happen in the first place. By using Array forms and checklists, you can quickly and easily interrogate the data for a single site, project, line or inspection type to find the root causes of problems. And solve them.

  • Categorize responses to investigate specific potential problems
  • Use Array’s dashboard to get an instant overview - or drill down into potential problem areas
  • Funnel data towards the right people to make sure issues are addressed quickly and effectively
  • Flag responses automatically, and send instant alerts to solve problems immediately

Eliminate costly errors

It takes a lifetime to build a reputation for quality, but you can lose that reputation - and your competitive advantage - in an instant. Don’t let that happen. Use Array to keep QC information accurate, perform checks across any location, and prove compliance to protect your reputation - all without having to invest endless time into quality checks.


  • Use Array’s cloud tools to ensure the right processes are followed everywhere
  • Prove compliance with intuitive forms and checklists that every team member can use
  • Use data auto-fills to reduce typing errors, cut response times, and improve accuracy
  • Create custom benchmarks and scoring systems to make sure your teams meet your standards

See How Array Maintains Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ High Quality Standards

As one of the world’s leading cruise lines, Fred Olsen keeps quality standards incredibly high. But how do you ensure luxury, comfort and service across four lines sailing to incredible destinations? Easy. You choose Array.

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