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Powerful Digital Tools

The Energy industry is a demanding sector that needs powerful tools. Whether you're in gas & oil, wind, or solar, Array improves productivity, site safety, and reporting - no matter how remote your employees are.

Easy-to-use Features

Access all of your important data - all in real time

The energy sector relies on accurate information. Array collects your data and analyzes it to produce instant, real time reports.

  • Custom report building
  • Full, simple Excel integration
  • Set and track your own metrics
  • Encrypt your data with built-in security

Save time and automate any sector of your business operations with form templates that work for you

Get up and running today with Array's digital online forms ready to go for the oil & gas industry

Keep your sites safe with automated checklists

In a potentially dangerous industry, it's important to keep everyone safe at all times. Array helps you monitor and audit site safety remotely in real-time.

  • Create complex safety checklists simply
  • Monitor compliance in real time
  • Keep track of where field teams are working
  • Instantly spot compliance lapses

Stay on top of tasks with automated workflows

Track jobs and assign key tasks in real-time to reduce the workload on your administrators and managers.

  • Internal logic to automatically create and assign tasks based on chosen triggers
  • Automated email, SMS, and notification triggers
  • Remote overviews and approvals
  • Secure file delivery

Access everything you need, even without a signal

Not every worksite has WiFi or a cell signal. Array lets operatives work offline and then automatically uploads accurate data as soon as the device reconnects.

  • Fully compatible with all mobile devices
  • Offline functionality lets you work without a connection
  • GPS allows you to continue tracking your field teams
  • Fully encrypted security to keep your data safe

Your eyes on the ground with full camera compatibility

Knowing what's happening in the energy industry often means seeing what's happening. Array lets you request photos, videos, and document scans from any field worker.

  • Fully compatible with all mobile devices
  • Upload images, videos, and document scans
  • Attach time, date and location information
  • Fully annotate, illustrate, and caption photos for an extra level of detail

Security as a standard, for both your data and your job sites

Whether you're using Array to provide your security teams with site security checklists or relying on our data security systems, Array keeps your business protected at all times.

  • Distribute security checklists in real time
  • Instantly analyze security reports
  • Secure your data with full encryption and multi-factor authentication
  • Control access to files, features, and functions

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