Inspection Software for Airports

Streamline, Cleaning, Quality Control & Customer Experience Inspections

IOS & Android App, no internet connection required

Digital Forms

Eliminating paper enables airport teams to carry out inspections using a structured and accurate process, ensuring nothing is missed.

Array will help you:

  • Ensure cleaning and janitorial standards are met
  • Survey high foot traffic areas to identify issues
  • Collect customer experience data for security, shopping areas and airside gates
  • Ensure transport services work efficiently 
  • Identify slip hazards or issues with ramp safety and baggage handling. 
  • Carry out ASQ and ACI compliance checks.

Fully customisable templates allow you to start straight away. We also offer a free form building service.

Assign Tasks & Resolve Issues

  • Automatically assign tasks to deal with customer complaints, work orders or important issues which require attention
  • Escalate issues to management which have not been dealt with in the required timeframe
  • Automatically create tasks or notifications based on the data collected through a form

Reporting and Analytics

  • Automatically generate a PDF report of inspections on submission. No more manual data entry. 
  • Custom dashboards provide an overview of how areas of the airport are performing. 
  • Scores can provide a metric to measure and targets to aim for.

Airport Inspection Toolbox

  • Form Builder

    Our powerful, simple to use form builder allows you to edit your form or build your own from scratch.

  • Automated Workflows

    Automate communications and assignments between contractors, clients and your team. Easily assign approvals, escalate issues and trigger automated emails based on the results of an inspection.

  • PDF Document Creation

    Create PDF documents directly from Array without investing in costly PDF builders or expensive software licences.

  • Annotation

    Add notes to your created or shared documents, drawing the reader’s attention to important information or data.

  • Photo & Video Capture

    Capture images and video from the fire inspection site, using your mobile device. You can also annotate over the media you have captured.

  • QR code

    Capture data from QR codes by allowing form users to instantly scan codes using their phone or tablet, without ever leaving the app.

Competitive Pricing


$30 Per User/Month

Best for mid-sized teams

What's included:
  • Up to 500 Total Submissions
  • Up to 100 Public Submissions
  • 1 GB of Storage
  • Access to Advanced Form Builder
  • Phone, Email & Live Chat Support
  • Standard Integrations
  • Custom document generator
  • Email and Document Automation


$40 Per User/Month

Best for multiple teams

What's included:
  • Up to Unlimited Submissions
  • 500 Public Submissions
  • 50 GB Storage
  • Access to Pre-Built Forms
  • Access to Enterprise Form Builder
  • Advanced User Permissions
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Custom Workflow Builder
  • Task Assignment and Dispatch Management
  • Security icon Array MFA & Security

    Protect sensitive information by assigning user access levels to match the structure of your organisation.

    Multi-factor authentication requires users to verify their identity when logging into Array, adding an extra layer of security.

  • Branding icon Account branding
  • Tasks icon Tasks

    Task management app which allows you to assign jobs, monitor progress, and share vital information instantly.

  • Sheets icon Sheets

    Upload a spreadsheet to Array. Spreadsheet data can be linked to your forms and used in data searches to auto complete the form data you already have.

  • Does Array offer discounted pricing?

    We offer a flexible pricing structure with discounts available for large teams and those who commit to a longer term period.

  • Does Array work well with other software and systems?

    We offer integrations for all popular CRMs and project management software. We also offer API access so we can easily be integrated with 3rd party systems.

  • Some of our inspectors are not confident with IT systems. How can we reassure them?

    Array has been designed to be both powerful and easy to use. Our onboarding specialists will train your team at a pace they are comfortable with. In our experience, once your team sees how the inspection process is streamlined, they are excited to make the switch.

  • How do I build the form I need?

    You can easily build the form yourself or use our free form building service. Click here to send your form to our team. We normally have your form installed onto your Array account within 1 working day.

  • What is the cost of using Array?

    A fully featured package starts at a monthly cost of $40 per user. Discounts are available for larger teams and customers who commit to a longer term.

  • We use an old system with lots of paper forms. Will it be difficult to switch to a digital, paperless system like Array?

    Our team will help you digitize any existing forms so they can be used in Array. The process is quick and simple and will soon start to save you time and money. We also hold a library of NFPA approved forms which are available with all Array plans.

  • Sometimes we visit sites which have no internet connection, can we still use Array?

    The Array app does not require an internet connection so you can work both online and offline. When working offline, your data will automatically sync with your account when a connection is available.