Intuitive Software for Important Hardware

Array works with your important hardware, so you can do more.

Food safety made simple. Food thermometer integration.

Food safety relies on accurate temperature readings. Safety compliance relies on logging these temperatures quickly. Array lets your restaurant or food processing plant do just that.

  • Take temperatures quickly
  • Log temperatures digitally
  • Create a searchable log of readings

Payment in seconds. Square payment reader integration.

Instant payments should be instant. From setting up your reader to accepting card transactions, using Array with your Square payment reader is quick, simple, and secure.

  • Take contactless payments anywhere
  • Securely collect and store payment information
  • Create searchable transaction records

Track inventory anywhere. NFC integration.

Knowing where your inventory is, how it’s being used, and how much you have in stock is crucial to running an efficient operation. Array will help you track your assets in real time.

  • Track inventory and stock with NFC readers
  • Monitor who has what equipment, where
  • Create searchable logs of inventory movement

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