Mobile Forms: Secure, Reliable Data Collection for Your Remote Field Teams

Your teams in the field need to report back with their data.
Array’s mobile forms let you collect information from any
location quickly, easily and securely. With smart automation
and offline functionality, you’ll never be kept waiting for
critical information.


Transform your business and turn paperwork into a mobile app
with Array’s no-code mobile form tools.

Smarter Mobile Forms

It’s never been easier to build smart mobile forms. A simple, drag-and-drop form builder lets you collect text, images, video and GPS information, tailor questions with powerful logic, and build security and answer validation right into your forms.

Array forms illustration


Accurate Data From Any Location

No connection? No problem. Array is fully compatible with all smart phones, tablet devices and laptops. Full offline functionality lets your teams collect data from any location, before automatically sharing it once their connection is restored.


Display the Data You Collect

Once you’ve collected information through a mobile form, Array lets you display it to clients and team members. Use collected data to automatically populate customized PDFs and reports, then set an automated email trigger to deliver your data.

reporting dashboard


Information in an Instant

Array’s customizable reporting dashboard collates data from every employee, every team, every customer - and lets you create filters and secure access to make sure everyone has the information they need at a glance.

Thousands of Integrations

Array integrates with thousands of other tools to make sending and sharing data simple. Link Array with email clients, payment gateways, booking calendars and more to streamline and simplify all your business operations.

Turn Forms into Tasks

Array lets you take the information you gather from forms and instantly, automatically turn them into tasks for your teams. Or, use our secure forms to create simple checklists and daily worksheets to reduce your administrative costs and requirements.

Automate Your Workflows

Array is much more than a mobile form builder. Our fully web compatible tools can be used to create workflows, send and collect data, monitor progress, and automate processes both within and outside of the Array platform.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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