Safety First Tools for a Safety First Workplace

Array simplifies safety, making your procedures and inspections simple, boosting workplace safety and improving your compliance.

The simple tool for workplace safety

You take safety seriously. Your company will have a whole host of safety procedures for every member of your team to follow - off site and on. You’ll have checklists, and people responsible for checking up on the checklists. Because workplace safety is a full time job. But what if it wasn’t? What if safety could be as simple as it is important? It can be. When you choose Array.

Array provides real-time safety oversight

Safety isn’t one person’s responsibility. It’s everyone’s. An us-vs-them mentality where you need to chase and check up on individual employees doesn’t create a safe culture. But empowering your workers with small, frequent checks embedded into their daily workflows? That’s what makes safety part of everyone’s day to day activities.

  • Combine safety forms with Array’s task management tools to embed safety checks into every regular process
  • Instantly see who’s completed which safety checks and when
  • Track employee performance at completing safety checks
  • Analyze data to see which problems commonly occur - and where they can be solved

Ready made safety forms to help you save time

Kick-start your safety procedures with our ready-to-use online forms

Automate your safety alerts

Know exactly what’s happening the second it happens with automated safety alerts. As soon as a team member spots a safety issue and logs it, instantly notify management teams and solve issues before they become more serious problems.

  • Use GPS tracking to geotag safety breaches
  • Capture and annotate images and videos to see exactly what’s happened
  • Track safety feedback in real-time to see exactly what’s going on
  • Log every safety alert for full compliance and auditing

Stay up to date. Stay safe

Safety and compliance don’t stand still - and neither should you. By managing your safety forms and checklists through the Array dashboard, you can instantly edit your safety procedures to stay up to date with the latest best practice advice - and collect completed forms to keep a full record for compliance audits.

  • Automatically update every single worker’s safety checklists when you update a procedure
  • Collect every single alert to prove that you’re safe and compliant
  • Collate all the safety information you gather on one secure server
  • Have an instant overview of how your new procedures are being followed

Stay informed. Stay alert.

Incidents can happen anywhere. Workplace accidents, on-site incidents, issues with work vehicles. Being able to track that safety procedures are being followed everywhere, by every one, while monitoring real-time incident reports is the key to creating a safer, more productive workplace.

  • Use Array for instant accident and incident reports from their mobile device
  • Track incidents and accident by location to identify patterns and unusual activity
  • Use a secure cloud database to track vehicle safety across multiple locations
  • Collect photographic, video, and audio evidence from the scene of an incident

See How Array Helped Massmart Put Safety First

With hundreds of stores across 13 countries, Massmart had a huge challenge when it came to putting safety first. How do you help managers across a whole country make sure the right safety procedures are being followed? Easy. You choose Array.

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