Mobile Data Collection - Power in Your Palm.

Don’t haul heavy laptops around with you or bring expensive kit onto a busy worksite. With Array’s iOS and Android apps, your teams can use mobile data collection to stay connected in the field - no matter where in the world that field is.

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One platform. Every tool.

Array’s entire suite of tools packed into one mobile application. Everything you and your workforce need, accessible online and offline with instant updates from web to mobile.

  • Compatible with any iOS or Android device
  • Instant updates from your account to every connected app
  • Offline functionality lets you work without a connection
  • Simple to install, even simpler to use

Assign tasks. Track progress.

No matter where your teams are working, Array’s mobile apps let you assign tasks, and track progress. Information can be collected instantly from the field

  • Create and assign tasks to remote workers anywhere
  • Complete tasks online or offline using the app interface
  • Track progress in real time, as soon as field workers have a connection
  • Remote overviews and approvals

Always safe. Always secure.

Replace dozens of apps and dozens of weak points with one secure alternative. The Array app is designed to keep all of your valuable information safe and secure.

  • Full security to keep your data safe
  • Password protection on user apps
  • Customizable user permissions
  • Remote overview of security functions and processes

Instant information gathering. Instant information analysis.

Array’s iOS and Android apps don’t just let field workers collect and log information in the field. They can also amend, analyze and annotate information for smoother, more efficient workflows.

  • OCR functionality as standard
  • QR scanning functionality
  • Video and picture capturing and sharing
  • Photo captioning and drawing functionality

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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