Automatic document merging & PDF editor all in one place

Instantly merge data into documents from completed forms. Read, edit, sign, and securely share valuable information using our Document Creator. 

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No more wasted time on manual data entry

Two in one, merged together in one automated document. Edit PDFs and create ready-to-send documents filled out instantly from your completed forms. 

Easy-to-use document creator features:

Full media capture with annotation & drawing

Add images, text, or attach files to your docs. Streamline both your internal and external communications with comments and annotations. Securely sign with e-signature and officially approve with ready-to-go digital stamps

  • Sign document

    No need to print and sign. Securely sign documents with your e-signature instantly within Array. Automatically plug customer signatures from the field directly into your documents.

  • Auto fill document

    Skip the manual data entry process and automatically plug in data from form fields or external documents for faster, efficient document generation.

  • Annotate text

    Add notes to your created or shared documents, drawing the reader’s attention to important information or data.

  • Stamps

    Offically approve or deny documents with premade stamps.

Make automated documents that look the way you want.

Quickly and easily feed data into digital documents using pre-existing PDFs or start from a blank page and build your own format.

  • Merge PDF

    Merge existing PDF's with the document creator to access more of what your PDF's have to offer.

  • Edit PDFs

    Edit PDF documents directly through Array, without expensive licenses for other PDF editing software. It’s quick, intuitive, and carries no additional costs.

  • Create new PDFs

    Create ready to send PDF documents directly from Array that carry and link more data than standard PDFs

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