Doing it Right Doesn’t Mean Doing it Twice

Thinking about switching to Array, but worried about spending all that time rebuilding your PDF forms? Don’t be. Our PDF to Form Converter makes life simple.

Drop in your PDF. Out comes a form

Chances are, if your business is using paper forms, they’ll have been designed as a PDF. And the thought of upgrading to Array and having to rebuild those forms isn’t a pleasant one. But you don’t have to. Simply import your existing PDF forms and Array will use them as the basis for brand new integrated Array forms. As simple as that.

Kick the paper recycling to the curb

Paper is expensive. It’s expensive to buy, expensive to distribute and, increasingly, expensive to recycle. So instead of printing, posting, storing, shredding and recycling PDF forms, switch to Array. Convert your PDFs to Array forms, and distribute them digitally.

Save time and preserve your brand

Switching to Array isn’t just simple. It isn’t just cost effective. It’s also quick. It takes just moments to upload your PDFs, and convert them into secure, branded Array documents. They’ll preserve the look and feel of your brand, reduce printing costs, and simplify your workflows.

More Features to Reduce Paperwork

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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