Form Builder

Create customized, intuitive and easy-to-use forms in minutes with our simple drag-and-drop form builder.

You build it, Array deploys it to everyone that needs it, instantly and seamlessly.

No waiting around. No back-and-forth development. Forms, built in minutes, deployed in seconds.

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Mobile Apps

Put your forms into the field without any wasted time.

Array’s free Android and iOS apps deploy your custom forms, tasks and notifications straight to your field workers’ mobile devices.

No added cost, no hidden fees, just a simple, scalable platform for your whole workforce.

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Streamlined Workflow

Save valuable administrative time, with simple automated workflows and tasks.

Array lets you automate tasks for any on-premise or off-site employee or third party contractor in a matter of seconds.

Use your own custom branding and layouts, and enhance tasks with attachments and email integration.

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Branding & Theming

Array works for you - a natural extension of your business.

So make sure your platform looks the part with full theming and custom branding.

Add your logos, your color schemes and your own custom layouts to make Array a seamless part of your operation.

The platform even supports your existing document, email and PDF layouts to create a fully branded user experience.

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Sharing & Security

Array features best-in-class security, keeping your data safe no matter where it’s collected.

Sharing with teams, contractors and customers is simple, with easy web links, embeddable features, and

Array’s dedicated Kiosk Mode. Managing access and security couldn’t be simpler.

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ISO 9001:27001 Privacy Shield EU GDPR Compliant G-cloud

Custom Reporting

Replace dozens of spreadsheets and heaps of unusable data with one simple-to-use reporting portal.

Filter your data by location, media or responses, and instantly create easy-to-understand reports that show you exactly what’s going on.

Stay on top of everything that’s happening in your daily operations.

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