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Interact, collaborate, & collect asset information from the field without leaving the office. Build stronger confidence.


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Live Collaboration

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The first live video & form collaboration tool

  • Global Connectivity

    Connect with customer all around the world. Collaborate instantly and seamlessly.

  • Snapshots

    Take control of your customers' cameras. Tell them where to point, then click to shoot.

  • Complete Data collation

    Save your call data on a single server. Access your data at anytime from anywhere

  • Document Generation

    Instantly generate custom PDF documents from your submitted form data.

  • Enterprise Level Security

    Formview keeps your data protected with fully encrypted cloud storage.

  • Maximum Efficiency

    Connect with customers face to face without having to leave the office - all in real-time

Connect in a Whole New Way

Interact and collaborate with your customers face-to-face in realtime. With Formview, it's easier than ever before to seamlessly connect with customers through video to complete forms, share information, and provide new services. No app downloads or coding needed.

Digitize Your Forms - for Any Work

Digitize, mobilize, and optimize your forms. Build out custom forms with a powerful drag and drop builder.

Hundreds of industry specific templates available - or build your own from scratch.

Power features like conditional logic, REGEX, and functions that make work easier.

Optimized for mobile - easily accessible from any web browser on iOS & Android.

Automate Your Workflows - at Scale

Spend less time on busy work, and more time with your customers. Formview's automation tools have you covered.

Control where your form data goes after submission. Store in our cloud servers, input into documents, or plug into another software.

Automatically notify customers when scheduled calls are beginning or when forms have been submitted.

Generate & deliver fully custom PDF documents instantly upon form submission.

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Do you have a question about Formview? see the list below for our most frequently asked questions. Of your question is not listed here, then please contact us.
  • What kind of data can be collected?

    With Formview, you can build any type of form that you need. All data you collect with that form is stored on a secure, encrypted cloud server. Your form data, chat transcript, and any photos taken while using Formview are also stored in one central, easy to access location on the Array platform.

  • Do you have to download an app?

    No, Formview works entirely inside a web browser without any need to install an app.

  • How many people can be on a call at once?

    Formview currently works 1:1 but many "sessions" can be opened at the same time using the same form. 

  • Who should use Formview?

    Formview can be used for any type of virtual inspection such as virtual appraisals or virtual claim inspections. Formview can also be used for site evaluations, quick follow-ups, or customer service. Formview can be configured to fit many use cases. 

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