Represent Your Brand, Not Ours

We know you hate using software that’s covered in the supplier’s brand advertising. That’s why Array can be fully customized to represent your brand, your identity, and your business.

Show off your brand. Not ours.

Every single one of Array’s touchpoints, whether they’re seen by your employees or your customers, can be themed or branded to represent your business.

  • Fully branded with your color scheme
  • Add your logo and brand assets
  • Create custom icons
  • Share custom emails

Tailor your app. Create your identity.

Creating a brand template for your Array account couldn’t be simpler. Add your branding to form builder, app builder and the Array dashboard in moments.

  • Create custom templates for your brand
  • Add your logos and your color schemes
  • Create custom icons for Array folders and applications

Your Array. For your employees.

If your field employees use Array in customer-facing roles, you’ll want them to use branded forms, surveys and checklists. They can.

  • Full customization of Form Builder colors and logos
  • Full customization of App Builder colors and logos
  • Upload your own custom files and documents

Your Array. For your customers.

Array’s powerful tools let you connect with your customers - so make sure you show off your brand and identity at every single customer touchpoint.

  • Customize email colors and layouts
  • Attach custom branded documents and assets
  • Add your custom domains for email addresses
  • Put your logo, your identity, front and center

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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