Bring your data to life with our customizable report builder

No code required. Easily build your own dashboard featuring accessible reports, files, links, and media your business needs.

No more siloed information

Instantly convert your data or embed external data from other platforms into organized charts displayed the way you want on your reports dashboard ready to share with your team or the public.

Easy-to-use report building features

  • Custom Report Builder

    Do different departments need different data points shown in different ways? Array lets you customize reports, and schedule them to run at the right time to keep the right people informed.

  • Graphs

    Custom graphs let you see exactly what’s happening over time. Is productivity increasing? Is satisfaction consistent? Plot your Array data onto your chosen graph format to see at a glance what’s happening.

  • Maps

    Cross-reference logged customer location and GPS data for a full overview of what’s happening in the field at any given time - or plot historical data to uncover location-based trends.

  • Download As Excel

    Work offline or outside of Array by downloading data sets or reports to Excel for future use. Whether it’s for workflow or to create backups, downloading data as Excel couldn’t be simpler.

  • Data Encryption

    Safeguard your valuable data with secure data encryption. Array’s in-built encryption functions protect the information you gather and the reports you create.

  • User Permissions

    Control who creates and monitors tasks by setting user permissions for your various workflows. Link permissions to user IDs, or to passwords for an extra layer of data security.

No more searching for lost spread sheets

Keep all your reports accessible with one click and create the ideal portal with quick links to any document, URL, or folder.

Create a data-driven business for all

Enable everyone at any level in your organization to make decisions from real-time data reports and analytics.

  • Self-service analytics at enterprise scale

    There are no limits to no-code software. Use Array for any size organization with no compromise to scalability or qualit.

  • Shared dashboards

    Keep your whole team informed with shared dashboards featuring user permissions for different levels of admins and passwords for an extra layer of data security.

Building data literacy within your business

Enable everyone at any level in your organization to make decisions from real-time data reports and analytics. 

Get insights fast

Find and share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualizations, Array Sheets, and prebuilt custom data connectors.


Save time, money, and reduce risk with one analytics platform that scales from individuals to the organization as a whole.


Array Reports works in real-time giving you the analytics you need to make timely decisions.

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All Array has to offer to build your business apps in the field or office.

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