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Collecting information is only the start. Array lets you dive deep into the data your forms collect and interrogate it for invaluable insights to change the way you work.

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Report Builder Features

Array is designed to help you do more. We’re constantly updating our software to make it easier and simpler for your teams to carry out their tasks, and for you to monitor what’s happening in your organization.

  • Maps

    Cross-reference logged customer location and GPS data for a full overview of what’s happening in the field at any given time - or plot historical data to uncover location-based trends.

  • Graphs

    Custom graphs let you see exactly what’s happening over time. Is productivity increasing? Is satisfaction consistent? Plot your Array data onto your chosen graph format to see at a glance what’s happening.

  • Edit Submission Data

    Array lets you correct collection errors by allowing you to edit submission data. If you see something that’s been added by mistake, double-check and update submissions with the facts.

  • Custom Report Builder

    Do different departments need different data points shown in different ways? Array lets you customize reports, and schedule them to run at the right time to keep the right people informed.

  • Filters

    Need to know what’s happening in a single coverage area, with a specific group of agents, or with a particular product line? Array’s reporting suite lets you filter data to find the insights you need.

  • Download As Excel

    Work offline or outside of Array by downloading data sets or reports to Excel for future use. Whether it’s for workflow or to create backups, downloading data as Excel couldn’t be simpler.

  • Custom Excel

    Array supports your customized Excel workbooks to ensure there’s no time-consuming admin needed when you move information from our platform to Excel - or vice-versa.

  • Hidden Fields

    Not all data needs to be placed in reports. Create hidden fields to add your notes to submissions and datasets while keeping them out of general reports.

  • Media

    Insert any media you want such as photos, vectors, video, or audio into your reports to view or draw over.

  • Metrics

    Set and track your own metrics. Array’s reporting tools let you decide your metrics, and helps you keep track of them over time. And if your performance indicators change, Array can adjust or replace metrics instantly.

  • Historical Submissions Changes

    See historical submission changes, and roll back to earlier versions in case of errors or tampering. Always have a full version history of everything that’s been submitted.

  • Data Encryption

    Safeguard your valuable data with secure data encryption. Array’s in-built encryption functions protect the information you gather and the reports you create.

  • GDPR Compliant Forms

    Collecting data in the EU? All of Array’s forms are GDPR compliant, to help you stay on the right side of European data protection rules.

  • User Permissions

    Control access to forms and fields by setting user permissions for your various forms and functions. Link permissions to user IDs, or to passwords for an extra layer of data security.

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