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Array simplifies property management, gathering data from all your offices, factories, warehouses and homes, no matter where they’re located.

The tool to inspect and manage

Array’s suite of data-gathering, collection and analysis tools makes it easy for leasing agents, landlords, realtors, property inspectors and property managers to manage how your properties are used - and keep track of who’s using them. Multiple units in multiple locations? Array is the ultimate tool for commercial, industrial and even residential property management.

Array keeps you connected

Property isn’t managed from behind a desk. Your agents are out in the world, carrying out inspections, talking to tenants, selling real estate. Whether they’re online or offline, Array gives them the tools they need to collect vital data, all in one place.

  • Full offline functionality to gather information, collect signatures, and process payments.
  • Instant updates from web to mobile
  • Fully compatible with all mobile devices
  • Full security on every device to keep data safe

Ready made Property Inspection forms to help save you time

Get up and running today with our ready to go digital online forms

Information on location

No matter where your commercial, industrial or residential properties are located, your agents can use custom Array forms to collect the information they need and instantly upload it to your network - giving you instant access to vital data.

  • Use GPS tracking to geotag important information
  • Collect signatures and tenant feedback
  • Capture and annotate images and videos to provide deeper insights
  • Track inspections in real-time to see exactly what’s going on

The future is paperless

Managing multiple properties across different zip codes or states doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune shipping paper documents up and down the highways. Instead, choose Array’s digital forms.

  • No need for paper - share information securely and digitally
  • Collect data from new tenants, scheduled inspections and spot checks
  • Collate all the information you gather on one secure server
  • Have an instant overview of how your commercial properties are performing

Track and assign tasks. Streamline your workflows.

Reduce your administrative workload by automating tasks and workflows using simple, powerful logic functions and task management.

  • In-built logic to automatically create and assign tasks
  • Automated email, SMS and message triggers
  • Remote overviews and approvals
  • Secure file delivery

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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