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Array simplifies property inspections with mobile forms, gathering data from all your commercial & residential buildings, no matter where they’re located.

The Complete Tool to Inspect and Assess

Perform Mobile Inspections Offline

Property isn’t maintained from behind a desk. Your inspectors are out in the world, carrying out inspections and talking to clients. Keep your teams connected across the field and office - whether they’re online or offline - with a property inspection app.

Digital Forms that Work for You

Build custom, powerful property inspection checklists and audit forms that accurately collect data and guide teams in the right direction with GPS tagging, photo & video capture, image annotation, document scanning, and more

Generate Reports in Minutes

Produce professional home inspection reports, sale or appraisal reports, building audits, risk assessments & more with a click of a button

The End-to-End Inspection Software Solution

Assign property inspection forms directly to your property managers, contractors, or residents. Array keeps your field teams connected to the home office and keeps the data where you actually need it - in the palm of your hand. 

  • Fully automate and digitize the inspection and reporting process, saving time and money
  • Capture property conditions, photos, videos, comments and signatures right from your Apple or Android device
  • Deliver completed & signed reports to clients or tenants the moment you leave the property

Live Virtual Inspections

Conduct remote inspections through live streams with residents to inspect a property and diagnose issues remotely and virtually from anywhere in the world. Capture high quality photos as residents show you around the property or site

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