Build the ops app you have always wanted

We understand the complexities of operations. At Array, we empower you to create the operations apps your team needs no matter your scale.  

Operations Management Office worker at desk

Operations Management

Join these leading operations teams in
delivering the best client experiences

Enterprise-Grade operations apps built by you, for your team

  • No-code

    Easy-to-use drag and drop form builder with integration capability

  • Gain Valuable insight

    Look at your data differently with report options like maps, media and calendar

  • See your big picture with Dashboards

    Make smarter decisions by building smarter reporting dashboards

No-code ready made operations blocks

Re-create your processes by building forms and templates to dispatch and send reminders to your team. Track and analyze the submissions and data you collect to enhance your company strategy and maintain your goals. Operational excellence is always a click away.

Automate any sector of your business operations with form templates that work for you

Get up and running today with our ready to go digital online forms

Non-desk workers, remote teams and clients can complete processes anywhere

User permissions allow you to share forms, tasks and reports to anyone inside or outside your team or organization. Partner this with automated emails and SMS so you can build it your way.

Turn manual paper-based operations into workflows with reporting and insights

Guarantee each step is completed with workflows and erase the need to micromanage. Set up workflows to trigger SMS text messages or emails to ensure you and relevent team members are always in the loop. With Array you can think big but start and deploy today. What will you kick off with?

Digital plumbing you control

We have ready-made integrations so you can create workflows that connect with the other apps your teams use every day. We also have webhooks and an API so you can pull and push data in and out of Array in the format of your choice. This includes JSON, Excel, CSV, images, video or even custom Word or PDF documents.  

Ready made integrations

Who is Array mobile forms and workflow platform for?

  • Operations executive

    Enterprise scalability for your operations

  • Field workers

    Offline forms so no need for paperwork

  • IT directors

    Deploy Array instead of build and support

  • Line of business leaders

    Field to office operations tools that anyone can use

  • Enterprise Forms

    Advanced forms no-code builder to deploy to web or to our offline apps.  

  • Build your own

    Arrays’ powerful app builder allows you to create your own layout or embed any core platform pillar into your own app.

  • Automation

    Full workflow builder triggers emails, SMS or notifications to push the process along. Fully embeddable workflow progress page.

  • Tasks

    Schedule and dispatch your team along with the forms and documentation needed to do their job.

  • Reports Views

    Custom report and dashboard builder so you can track what matters to you. 

  • Integrations

    Connect the tools you know and love to Array. Send data like images, videos or Excel to Google Drive, DropBox or One Drive.