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Reduce the workload on your administrative teams and improve productivity with Array’s range of workflow and automation features. Let Array do the hard work and save valuable time for other, more productive tasks.

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Workflow tools

Array is designed to help you do more. We’re constantly updating our software to make it easier and simpler for your teams to carry out their tasks, and for you to monitor what’s happening in your organization.

  • Email Trigger

    Save time - and expense - with email triggers that kick into gear when a relevant email is received. No need for manual workflows, Array handles everything.

  • SMS Trigger

    If you’re dealing with field agents or customers, trigger various workflows via SMS to cut down on time and workloads with seamless automation.

  • Message Notification Trigger

    Remove notifications from your to-do list and put them into Array. Message notification automations will trigger when your conditions are met, notifying the right people immediately.

  • Email Logic

    Does a specific action require a specific response? With Array’s email logic, our software handles conditional emails for you, with no input needed once you’ve set the logic in motion.

  • Email Templates

    Save even more time by using Array’s pre-configured email templates - or customize them to meet the precise needs of your company and your clients. You can even add your own branding.

  • Approvals

    Don’t let manual approvals slow down your workflows. Array lets you approve tasks from the comfort of your desktop or device, with all the information you need to check approval criteria have been met

  • Ongoing Workflows

    Review your progress with ongoing workflows

  • Stages

    Simplify complex workflows by splitting them into stages and set conditions so that people aren’t kept waiting to start their next task. Monitor and amend every stage remotely.

  • File Delivery

    Keep tasks moving quickly by automatically delivering the required files through your Array workflows. Field agents will always have the right information to hand, thanks to reliable digital file delivery.

  • Custom Document Delivery

    Array can be configured to seamlessly, instantly deliver your chosen custom documents. Simply attach to your automated emails, sending anything from invoices to ebooks.

  • Signature Workflow

    Automate approval workflow without pushing paper

  • Hello Sign Integration

    Integrate the Hello Sign platform to securely and safely sign documents.

  • Custom Domain

    Create custom domains to send information from a personalized email address

  • User Permissions

    Control access to forms and fields by setting user permissions for your various forms and functions. Link permissions to user IDs, or to passwords for an extra layer of data security.

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