Digitize your workflows with an efficient, paperless document management system

Reduce confusion and cut costs by digitizing your entire workflow with Array. Capture, index and archive important information online, with no need to store and transport paperwork.

Document Management

Join these forward-thinking organizations in delivering secure, seamless workflows and remote document management.

Save time, money and effort by switching to digital document management

  • Save Time

    No need to wait for documents to arrive via courier, post, or email. Authorized team members can access what they need, the second they need it.

  • Save Money

    No need for costly document storage. Array safely archives all of your important documents on a secure cloud server - where you control the access.

  • Save Effort

    No need to waste resources trying to manage PDF documents.  Array’s in-built software converts them into digital forms in moments, making it easy to upload legacy assets and information.

Enterprise-grade digital document management and workflows.

Quickly and effectively build out complex internal and external document exchanges using our advanced workflow builder

Quickly create information-gathering documents with form templates that work for you

Get up and running in moments with our library of ready to go digital online forms

Smart archiving, auditing and organization tools to make document management simple

Stop losing important information in a forest of filing cabinets. Manage digital documents with Array and instantly access what you need, when you need it.

  • Version Control
  • Audit Trails
  • Annotation and Stamps
  • Organization and Tagging
  • Indexing and Document Linking

Secure your most vital information with enterprise-grade security and simple access controls

Just because digital documents can be accessed anywhere doesn’t mean they can be accessed by anyone. You control who sees what, and when they see it.

  • Secure Online Storage
  • Offline Accessibility
  • Security and Access Control
  • Single-Click Document Lockdown
  • Electronic Signatures

Quickly and easily switch from your legacy paper-based documents to secure digital documents

Array will make it easy to digitize your documents, with pre-built forms, document conversion, and an advanced workflow builder to handle even the most complex information exchanges.

  • Advanced Workflows
  • Paper to Digital Document Conversion
  • Drag and Drop Document Generation
  • Vast Library of Pre-Built Templates
  • Simple, Intuitive Form Builder

Who is Array mobile forms and workflow platform for?

  • Operations executives

    Enterprise scalability for your operations

  • Field workers

    Offline forms so no need for paperwork

  • IT directors

    Don't build it and support it deploy Array

  • Line of business leaders

    Field to office operations tools anyone can use

  • Enterprise Forms

    Advanced forms no-code builder to deploy to web or to our offline apps.  

  • Build your own

    Arrays powerful app builder allows you to create your own layout or embed any core platform pillar into your own app.

  • Automation

    Full workflow builder trigger emails, SMS or notifications to push the process along. Fully embeddable workflow progress page.

  • Tasks

    Schedule and dispatch your team along with the forms and documentation needed to do their job.

  • Reports Views

    Custom report and dashboard builder so you can track what matters to you. 

  • Integrations

    Connect the tools you know and love to Array. Send data like images, videos or Excel to Google Drive, DropBox or One Drive.