Bluetooth Thermometer Hardware Integration

Whether it’s for food safety, controlling the working climate, or just taking the temperature, Array’s Bluetooth thermometer integration makes temperature logging simple. Learn more about Array for the food & beverage industry

Out of the box compatibility with leading thermometers

Syncing your Array tools to your temperature checking hardware is simple. Array is fully integrated with Emerson multi-function thermometers and Testo 104-IR BT food thermometers straight out of the box, and can be easily connected to any other bluetooth-enabled thermometers.

Take your business’ temperature in an instant

Once your devices are connected to Array, the possibilities are endless. While the most popular use for thermometer integration is to automatically log temperatures for safety forms, you can also use temperatures to trigger notifications and follow-up events.

Any system, any location

Like all Array’s functions, bluetooth thermometer integrations are compatible with Array on the web and via Android and iOS smartphone applications, to save temperature information locally before automatically uploading to Array once a web connection is re-established. All you need is a thermometer that can be connected via bluetooth to your chosen device.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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