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Share valuable information without leaving Array. Our document creator functionality lets you create word documents and PDFs to share data in simple, easy-to-read formats, making your reporting and compliance tasks even easier.

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Document Creator features

Array is designed to help you do more. We’re constantly updating our software to make it easier and simpler for your teams to carry out their tasks, and for you to monitor what’s happening in your organization.

  • Annotation

    Add notes to your created or shared documents, drawing the reader’s attention to important information or data.

  • Field Injection

    Say goodbye to copy and paste. Instantly merge data from forms to insert into documents

  • Embed Images

    Upload your own images to get your point across, or add your business’ logo and branding to provide a fully customized document for your customers and workforce alike.

  • Full PDF Editor

    Edit PDF documents directly through Array, without expensive licenses for other PDF editing software. It’s quick, intuitive, and carries no additional costs.

  • Edit History

    Full version history let’s you quickly see who’s made changes to your documents and when. Revert back to earlier versions to ensure the correct information is always being sent.

  • PDF to Form Creation

    Import your existing forms as PDF files and Array will use them as a basis for a brand new integrated Array form, which you can send out using manual or automated workflows.

  • Word Document Creation

    Array lets you create Word documents using your dashboard, which you can instantly send to the intended audience, or share to Microsoft and Google Drive using our simple integrations.

  • PDF Document Creation

    Create PDF documents directly from Array without investing in costly PDF builders or expensive software licences.

  • Full Document Builder

    Array’s full document builder system lets you incorporate images and branding into all of your documents, whether they’re word files, PDFs, or custom documents.

  • Hello Sign Integration

    Integrate the Hello Sign platform to securely and safely sign documents.

  • Document Merge

    Simplify your document sharing by using Array’s Document Creator to merge existing documents. Turn a selection of attachments into one coherent information pack in seconds.

  • Page Order Change

    Simply and easily reorder your documents so the right information is delivered at the right time. Combined with our document merge function, Array’s range of tools simplify all of your documentation management.

  • Adobe Replacement

    Array provides all the functionality of Adobe’s PDF creation and editing software, and packages it with our form building, reporting and workflow tools to create an affordable system that doesn’t just replace Adobe - it outperforms it.

  • Comments

    Add your own comments to documents, or let the recipient have their say and streamline both your internal and external communications.

  • Search

    Quickly search all of your documents to find the information you’re looking for. Array helps you keep track of all client information, and discover that vital missing piece of the data puzzle.

  • Print Friendly

    All of Array Document Manager’s files and documents are in a ready-to-print format, saving you time and ensuring tech support don’t waste valuable time walking your workforce through regular setting changes.

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