Don’t Let Data Entry Eat Up Your Time

Transfer data from forms to pdfs instantly and automatically, with no need for time-consuming data entry, with Array’s simple document merge functionality.

Instant data merging

Claim back the time your teams spend on manual data entry by using Array’s powerful document merge functions to collect form data and transfer it to fully branded custom PDF documents.

Set and forget

Save even more time by using Array to automate data merging. Specify which fields from which forms you need to populate your PDF reports, then let them run. Because Array handles everything automatically.

Powerful reports from multiple forms

Don’t limit yourself  to one single PDF document per form. Array’s document merge tool collates data from multiple different sources to give you an instant, accurate overview from every data collection touchpoint.

Upload your existing documents, or design new PDFs

Array lets you import your existing designs and branding by uploading PDFs to the Array document creator. It takes just seconds to select which form fields populate which parts of the document. Or, you can use document creator to design new PDFs from scratch.


Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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