Forget About Your Emails

How much time do you spend sending emails? Cut that time to zero with Array’s powerful email automation tools - using conditional logic, triggers and customized templates to automatically handle your email notifications and workflows.

Instant, automated email notifications

Don’t waste time manually sending follow-up emails. Use Array’s email workflow tools to automatically send a custom email when a user takes a specific action, whether it’s a new customer submitting an enquiry or a team member completing a new task.

Powerful, no-code logic

Array’s built-in conditional logic means you can trigger emails at the most relevant point of a user journey. Logic can also populate your custom email with names, tailored responses, or user data - along with attaching any required PDF, spreadsheet or word documents.

Customize every message

Create custom email templates that use your branding and color scheme, and pull in relevant images and logos to give every single email that personal touch. Just because your emails are automated doesn’t mean they should look like they’re coming from a robot.

Streamline your workflows

Array makes it easy to automate team tasks and workflows. Set custom triggers to notify your staff when a form needs to be completed or an action carried out, let managers assign follow-up tasks, or create full and final email reports. No need for any input - everything is automated.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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