Powerful Conditional Logic for Powerful Forms

Every customer is different. Every challenge is unique. In your industry, you can’t service every single person with one single form. So don’t. Use Array’s powerful conditional logic functions to tailor your forms to a specific use case or circumstance. Get exactly what you need, without confusing customers or wasting valuable field agent time.

Streamlined. Efficient. Logical.

Build your Array forms using logic, and Array will tailor the fields and questions your customers or employees see based on the information and answers they provide. Use our intuitive Formula Builder to create conditional sections in seconds, so that nobody wastes time on irrelevant fields. 

Fully functional. Everywhere.

Because Array works anywhere, on any device, your teams and even your users can always complete logic-powered conditional forms from their Android or iOS device, or access forms directly from their PC, tablet or laptop. No signal? No problem. Array stores responses locally, and uploads them once a cell signal or wifi connection is re-established.

Start with forms. Expand to documents.

Logic doesn’t just power your Array forms. It also powers your documents. If your forms are built using logic, you can apply the formulas you’ve created to your document templates, showing readers only what they need to see, and creating streamlined, efficient reports.

Get what you need. And nothing more.

Nobody likes having their time wasted. If a customer is submitting a support request, they want support - not fifty questions that don’t apply to their issue. Use logic to set conditional questions so that everything you ask is required and relevant - reducing both your internal workload and the drain on your customer’s patience.

Logic & Integrations.

Logic doesn’t just make life easier for form-fillers and form-filers. It can provide a safety net too. Use logic to trigger automatic backups for form-submitted video or image content, thanks to seamless integration with third party storage software such as Dropbox.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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