We’ve all seen it. Forms abandoned because users have to repeatedly enter the same information. Inaccurate responses because of math errors. Increased administration workload because information needs analyzing and collating. You could keep doing what you’re doing. Or you could let Array do the hard work.

Let Array do the Hard Work

Array’s functions feature lets you add text, formula or value functions into your Array forms. Automatically populate text fields. Add and check numerical values. And allocate fixed values to checklist or drop-down answers. Increase response rates and accuracy, while reducing the workload on your administration teams.

Functions makes it easy.

Add value to forms. By adding values to forms.

Array comes with three powerful functions that let you add even more to each of your forms. Reduce the workload for your form users, increase the accuracy of responses, and reduce the administration time needed to analyze your results:

  • Numerical Values

    The numerical values function lets you assign a value or a score to fields within your forms. By assigning a score to certain responses, you receive an instant overview of a completed form, even before you start an in-depth analysis. Use this to sort, prioritize and funnel completed forms to the right team members or departments.

  • Formulas

    Formulas let Array handle the math, instead of your users. Instantly and automatically take values from multiple fields and calculate accurate answers - with no user error or increased user workload. Add, subtract, divide and multiply instantly, ensuring correctly completed forms every time.

  • Text Functions

    Nobody likes repeating themselves and filling in the same fields over and over. So assign text functions to automatically complete names, addresses, or other text inputs instead of asking users to add the same information time and time again. Seconds saved can be the difference between a completed form and an abandoned one.

Fully functional. Everywhere.

Because Array works anywhere, on any device, your teams and even your users can always complete forms from their Android or iOS device, or access forms directly from their PC, tablet or laptop. No signal? No problem. Array stores responses locally, and uploads them once a cell signal or wifi connection is re-established.

Simplify the math. Simplify the form.

If a user is completing an insurance claim form, it’s crucial that the numbers add up. If they’re claiming for multiple items and their totals don’t correlate, the inevitable delay leads to increased admin and lowered customer satisfaction. Seconds spent adding a formula function to tally and total values could save your teams hours in calls and double checking.

Filter requests. Triage problems.

No organization has an infinite amount of time. Tasks need to be prioritized. But how much time does it take to read through a dozen work requests and rank them in order of urgency? With Array functions, you can assign a numerical value to your fields. Instantly evaluate responses based on their scores and assign them as your high priority tasks - cutting admin time and letting you solve issues more quickly.

Features to combine with Functions