Take Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. With Array’s take pictures feature, you can include the ability to add up to ten pictures to each submitted form, capturing proof of current conditions, annotating images and including relevant notes from the field.

Visual feedback. Captured with a click.

Give your employees and users the ability to provide visual feedback with your Array forms. Array’s take picture feature lets users instantly take (or upload) and embed a picture from their device without ever leaving the form. Every picture can be easily annotated or captioned to provide in-depth information.

Any picture. Anywhere.

Because Array works anywhere, on any device, your teams and even your users can always take pictures from their Android or iOS device, or upload photos directly from their PC, tablet or laptop. No signal? No problem. Array stores images locally, and uploads them once a cell signal or wifi connection is re-established.

Save time. Avoid confusion.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Asking your employees or customers to explain an issue is time-consuming and difficult. Think of an insurance claim. Think how long it’ll take to write an explanation of where a vehicle is damaged, how serious the damage is, and the exact current condition. 

And then imagine how much easier it is to snap a picture on a cellphone, highlight the damage with the annotation function, and instantly submit it to Array with the rest of the claim form. Array saves time and avoids confusion.

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