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Imagine how much better your decisions would be if you could see an issue for yourself no matter where it occurred. With Array’s take video feature, you can collate video evidence from any work site and use it to inform your decision making.

Informed decisions. In-depth analysis.

Give your employees and users the ability to submit video evidence with your Array forms. Array’s take video feature lets users instantly take (or upload) and embed a short video from their device without ever leaving the form. Users can upload as many videos as they need to provide you with vital information.

Features to combine with Take Video

  • Draw Over Image

    Need to draw attention to an issue in the field? Array lets you annotate images and highlight specific areas on photos to give a true picture of what’s happening on a specific project, task, or job.

  • Take Picture

    Do your customers self-report? Does your team need to collect visual data? Array’s forms let you capture images straight from a laptop or tablet.

  • Media

    Insert any media you want such as photos, vectors, video, or audio into your reports to view or draw over.

  • Insert Video

    Need to show how something works for training or compliance purposes? Insert a pre-recorded video into your forms to show users exactly what needs to be done.

  • Maps

    Cross-reference logged customer location and GPS data for a full overview of what’s happening in the field at any given time - or plot historical data to uncover location-based trends.

  • Audio

    Record insights from the field and customer feedback in your reports for even more accurate data to interrogate. Simply add an audio field, and Array will work with a cell or tablet’s microphone.

Any video. Anywhere.

Because Array works anywhere, on any device, your teams and even your users can always use the take video feature from their Android or iOS device, or upload videos directly from their PC, tablet or laptop. No signal? No problem. Array stores files locally, and uploads them once a cell signal or wifi connection is re-established.

Show. Don’t tell.

How much of your administration time is spent trying to work an issue based on a customer’s written description? How much time do your agents in the field spend trying to explain how something is broken or damaged?


How much time could you save if you could simply see what’s happening on site or at a client’s property on the other side of the state? Or the world? By adding the take video feature to your Array forms, you can. With a few clicks, your customers and employees can upload accurate videos that show you everything you need to make the right decisions.

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