Know What’s Being Collected, Where

Track where data is being collected with simple, instant GPS tracking on your forms and documents.

Automatically gather accurate location information

Are your teams traveling across the state, or the country? Do you need to instantly know what’s happening, where? Quickly and easily add GPS tracking to your Array forms and you’ll be notified of exactly where a user was when information was added, helping you keep track of your remote workers wherever they are.

Exact locations, collected with a click

Your users are short on time, so the less work they need to do to provide accurate information, the better. By adding a GPS location tracker to your forms, users can click a button to provide accurate location data without needing to type in an address.

Multimedia tracking for inspections and logistics

GPS tracking isn’t limited to whole forms. It can be simply integrated into Array’s media features to allow inspectors to geotag damage or potential issues on larger work sites. Logistics teams can log exact start and end-points, and record even the most remote roadside locations on their accident and incident reports.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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