Save & Resume

Let your customers and teams set the timescales. Let them decide what’s important, and what can be finished later. With Array’s Save & Resume feature, everyone works to their timescales, not ours. Take control of your time with Array.

You set the agenda. They set the time frame.

We all live in a 100mph business world, but Array’s save and resume feature lets your users press pause on a form and return to it later - without losing any information. You share the forms you’d like users to fill out, and they have the flexibility to complete when it’s convenient. Return to your saved forms quickly in their reserved folder.

Don’t lose time. Don’t lose information.

It happens. A field operative or a customer realizes part-way through a form that they don’t have all the information to hand. The choice is between wasting their time - by filling everything in later, or wasting yours with incomplete information. Array gives them a third option. Save the form, and return to it when they’ve got all the facts.

You’re in control. With a tap of a button.

Save & resume doesn’t hand all the power to the user. You choose which forms can be put on hold, and which need to be finished right here, right now. Whichever option you choose, Array forms can be shared simply and quickly to collect the important data you’re searching for.