Information at Your Fingertips

Instantly find the right information, and auto-fill previously collected data onto new forms with Array’s powerful data search functionality.

Accurate data located in seconds

How many forms does your organization send out? How many times do the same customers have to type in the same information time and time again? Those seconds add up. Array’s data search function instantly finds information customers have already provided to save time and effort.

Say goodbye to time-consuming data entry

How many seconds does it take for your employees to input information into a form? How many minutes do those seconds add up to for hundreds of clients? Or thousands? Array saves you seconds, minutes and hours by adding a data search function to your forms, automatically filling in text boxes with previously collected information.

Integrations as standard

Array doesn’t just pull information from Array, so you won’t need to start over with your data collection efforts. Because data search is compatible with Google Drive and OneDrive, you can populate your Array forms with information stored on other services, making switching to our systems quick and painless.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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