See it. Scan it. Save it.

Data entry is time-consuming and difficult. Array’s optical character recognition function captures text from labels, letters and documents in seconds.

An end to time-wasting data entry.

How much time does your team waste copying information into digital systems? If you need to digitize dozens, hundreds or thousands of labels, letters or documents, your team could spend days or weeks copying text. Or Array’s OCR function could do it in moments.

Any characters in any language

Array’s OCR reads letters and numbers in any language, before converting them into editable, searchable data. If you’re making the switch to a paperless workflow, OCR makes sure nothing is missed out, and that everything can be found.

Perfect for packaging and paperwork

Our OCR functionality was designed following feedback from the food industry. They needed to check ingredient lists on printed packaging for auditing purposes, and Array took the tools we’d made for them and expanded it to work with any physical paperwork.

Online or offline, with any camera function

Array’s OCR function works on any device that has a camera function. Your tablet or smartphone doesn’t need to be connected to the internet for OCR to work - simply scan the text you want to upload with your device’s camera and Array does the rest.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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