Ask For More. And Get It.

Not every question can be answered with a text field. But with Array’s attach document feature, every question can be answered.

Upload additional information

Your users want an easy, simple life. They want to give you all of the information you need in one go, not fill out form A, then email over document B. With Array, you can ask for all the information you need - even if it can’t be provided in a form field - and users can simply, easily, provide it.

Add any media as a secure attachment

Array’s attach document feature isn’t limited to text documents. Users can upload PDFs, .doc files and more, to provide you with important information that can’t be re-copied into your form fields. And because Array is secure, even sensitive information like contracts, birth certificates and police reports can be collected.

Pull information from anywhere, at any time

Array makes it easy for your users to provide the information you need. Quickly integrate external storage platforms to share Google Drive or OneDrive documents, and upload files through the web platform or mobile devices. With Array, it’s always easy.

Turn paperwork into a mobile app

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