Array helps Fred Olsen Cruise Lines stay in shipshape

What began as a need for a better way to complete cleanliness checks on cabins by the housekeeping crew quickly developed into a large scale overhaul of the cruise lines processes and procedures. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines came to Array to solve a single problem, but after realizing the capabilities of Array's powerful no-code platform, they ended up using it in a very unique way.

Who is Fred Olsen Cruise Lines?

Based in the UK, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines operates a fleet of five smaller scale cruise ships. Despite being a smaller family owned cruise line, they take passengers to destinations all over the world. From the Arctic to the Canaries, Fred Olsen ensures that their guests enjoy the most premium cruising experience possible.

With a commitment to their guests comes a need for processes to ensure that their guests' experience is the best possible. That is why they needed solutions to ensure that their crew was meeting the high standards they consistently sent for themselves.

The Problem

Even cruise ships function on limited space. Because of this, storing paperwork can quickly become problematic. The crew on Fred Olsen's ships were completing their checklists for safety, cleanliness, and compliance by hand with pen and paper and then having to store and file that information somewhere onboard. They would have to manually input survey information and checklist results into spreadsheets in order to analyze all the data they collected. The process was not only painfully inefficient, but also wasted space on board the ship.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines wanted a way to make their checklists digital, however they had a unique need in that they often operate offshore where there is no cost-effective access to internet to help upload any data they collected. They needed a solution that would not only remove their dependence on pen and paper data collection, but also one which could mold to their incredibly unique use-case.

Array's Solution

It was apparent through the initial conversations that Array could easily take care of their mobile forms needs, but as a web-based platform that operates in the cloud for storage and data processing, Array appeared to not have the functionality Fred Olsen needed. Array was equipped to function offline and then upload data once a connection was established later, but Fred Olsen needed it to function offline but still provide the analysis and information they needed without ever needing to connect to the internet.

Array takes pride in being able to work with our customers to develop whatever tools they need. So, when Fred Olsen asked us for a unique solution, we provided them with one. Rather than just having them create an account and running everything through a cloud based platform like we usually would, we had Fred Olsen Cruise Lines install servers into their ships. This gave them what was essentially an onboard intranet. In other words, we helped them develop their own internet which was accessible only on their ships to their employees. We then installed Array onto those servers, allowing them to have all of Array's powerful features without the need for the internet. Rather than data being stored in the cloud like normal, their data was stored on their own servers and accessible to them instantly even when they were in the most remote locations.

While the need for mobile forms is a relatively simple and shockingly common one, the need to utilize form data without internet to manage the process is much less common. Fred Olsen was out of options, so Array built them an option custom fitted for their exact need.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines. Powered by Array.

Scaling a business is not just about having the right tools to help a business grow. It is also about having tools that are able to grow with you. Array is a truly custom solution, and we love solving the problems our customers have given up on. Don't just pick any tool that works for you. Choose a tool that is willing to work with you.

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Fred Olsen usage results:

"The cabin checks were just the start. Now our team uses Array across different departments with great ease"