Smart cabin check were just the start

Our team has spent a lot of time building Fred Olsen’s account up so they can make sure they are hitting their high standards.

Fred Olsen understand what makes a cruise holiday so special. They sail to incredible destinations far and wide in pure comfort with their four ships – Balmoral, Braemar, Boudicca and Black Watch and they want to ensure your time on board with them is simply unforgettable.

To achieve their high standards, regular checks need to take place aboard their ships with things like their cabins and customer satisfactory surveys and much more.

After working closely with the Fred Olsen team now use Array for the Cabin Check, Customer Satisfactory Surveys as well as Incident Reports and some forms for their IT officers.

Fred Olsen usage results:

The cabin checks were just the start. Now our team use Array across different departments with great ease.