Reps Chooses Array to Power their forms

Founded in 2012, REPS is a team of experienced restoration industry professionals who provide contractors with extensive estimating and consulting services. As a growing business, REPS needed a field-efficient data collection solution, but could not find a suitable platform that would fit their business.

REPS identified their challenges and began to evaluate their options

REPS could not receive field data consistently or collect field inspection documentation for insurance claim processing properly. REPS needed an application that would walk their users through the inspection processes while providing lists of items that their users could document with photographs

REPS’s co-founder Thomas Balmes had tested every form builder over 3 year period. This exhaustive list Included open source programs that could be customized. Thomas had also paid a company to develop a form builder and it did not work correctly. Thomas confesses to having tried partnering with several companies in the industry to develop a form builder that would collect the proper data, but those partnerships never worked out.

How Array met REPS specific needs as a business wanting to integrate a data capture solution into their current CRM platform

Thomas reached out to Array and was given a demo of how Array could meet REPS needs as an app. After being impressed with the level of support given by the Array team and the functionality and automation of Array, REPS decided to implement Array company-wide. The Array team also helped REPS integrate into Zoho CRM, which is now used to manage all spending tasks once inspection data is collected. Thomas says that the only company that came close to providing a solution to REPS requirements were iFormBuilder, however iFormBuilder’s UI was far from user-friendly, and the expense was very high per user. On top of that, iFormBuilder did not offer the help that REPS needed to integrate into other CRM’s.

Reps usage results:

Reps usage results:

“Premium features and flexibility to meet any companies needs with an affordable cost. I finally found the solution I’ve been looking for.” 
Thomas Balmes, 
REPS Co-founder

“So far, excellent support. The Array app exceeds expectations as far as what I thought was available for a low monthly price. Will make it affordable to scale growth with Array. Nothing compares to Array in terms of flexibility, scalability, value, and customer service.”

Thomas Balmes (REPS Co-founder)

The result of implementing Array as a data management system and what it means for REPS daily work processes

Since its implementation, the Array app has saved REPS a lot of time with their data entry and data collection - not to mention the time that has saved by Array integration into Zoho CRM. Confusion in the field is no longer a worry and the option to see full resolution images in the reports section has made the review of information a lot easier for insurance purposes.