Massmart Powered by Walmart connects nearly 10,000 employees to the corporate office with Array

One of the struggles of any larger corporation is creating standardized processes for their thousands of employees. Using Array, Massmart was able to ensure consistency and accuracy across nearly 10,000 employees and several different brands. Utilizing 500 different self-built forms, Massmart has made life easier for every employee from the top all the way down.

Who is Massmart?

Walmart acquired a majority stake in Massmart Holdings Ltd. giving them control over a number of differentiated Sub-Saharan wholesale and retail stores across 13 different countries. After using Array in Massmart's corporate entity Makro, Massmart introduced Array into several other divisions like Game, Dionwired, and the South African versions of Best Buy and Home Depot.

With a diversified portfolio of offerings, Massmart retail and wholesale offerings in electronics, consumer goods, and groceries. Now using Array to handle forms ranging from stock management and employee training to store safety and compliance.

The Problem

With so many various stores across retail and wholesale industries, Massmart needed a way to create consistent processes that would connect their corporate management to their daily operations teams. Previously, they didn't have any sort of predetermined process. Every store had their own system of collecting, storing, and organizing data. Some stores utilized pen and paper, while others tried various data management softwares like Oracle. After the acquisition, Massmart wanted to fix this glaring issue in their data management process.

They needed a way to keep all their paper forms organized. Additionally, they wanted a more efficient process. Like any large corporation, it was imperative that Massmart had ways to keep their corporate team informed with the daily operations of their stores. Retail locations tend to collect constant data whether it be inventory counts, safety & compliance reports, employee information, or cleaning checklists. Massmart needed this data to be organized and regulated so that the process was the same for every store regardless of the location or the employee completing the paperwork. Beyond a need for consistency, they required a centralized database full of information from every store in order to stay compliant with health and safety standards.

Array's Solution

Massmart originally turned to Array for a solution to standardize, organize, and share their safety forms, but they ended up walking away with so much more. Using Array's powerful mobile tools, Massmart was able to clean up and standardize their processes and automate a large part of their daily operations across multiple departments. While they came to Array needing mobile forms, they found that forms are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Array could do for them:

Powerful Mobile Forms

Massmart utilized Array's smart form builder to create 500 different fully customized forms for use across their various stores. Using the embedded tools, they were able to automate their paperwork processes and make them easy to complete, efficient, and secure.

Enterprise-Level Security

Array provided Massmart with a level of security they hadn't experienced in the past. With full encryption and multi-factor authentication on a secure cloud storage platform, Array kept all their sensitive data safe.

User Permissions

Massmart needed to make sure that only the correct employees with the correct clearance had access to certain forms within their library. Thanks to Array's user permissions, account executives were able to set which employees could access specific forms.


Array allowed Massmart's management team to create custom forms and utilize the full power of the software without doing any coding or using their IT department. With Array, they could build incredible internal applications and processes without the need for additional development or support.

Cross-Device Functionality

Array is compatible with both iOS and Android, so Massmart's employees in the field were able to use any mobile device of their choice to complete their forms. As a web-based application, Array let the corporate team in the office stay informed using their desktop and laptop computers

Automated Workflows

Massmart needed a more efficient way to control what happens to their data after it is collected. Array's automation tools made this possible with smart conditional logic and workflow triggers that automatically send form data and alerts to higher management based on the form's inputs and submissions.

Massmart. Powered by Array.

Powerful processes for both small business and multinational corporations. Array is built to scale. Massmart saw so much value in Array that they implemented it across all their verticals. Array isn't just a single specialized tool to fix one single problem. It is the premier internal application for data collection, management, and automation. Array connected Massmart's corporate office to their stores across 13 different countries. And there's still room to scale up even more from there.

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Massmart Powered By Walmart usage results:

"The Array App plays a huge part in how we collect all our data. We can collect very accurate data to help us perform our roles in the business. We would highly recommend Array as a partner of choice. They take the time to get to know your business, learn with you, and grow as your business grows." - Leon Opperman, Head of Operations