Array helps Woodland Trust get new supporters signed up in real time

Conserving woodland areas is a noble task, but it requires the support of generous patrons to make it all possible. With supporters comes the responsibility to gather and collect a lot of data, which pushed Woodland Trust to find a better way to collect and manage all that data. They turned to Array for help, so they could get their new members signed up in real time without wasting any time or risking the data corruption that often results from human error. 

Who is Woodland Trust?

Woodland Trust is the UK's largest woodland conservation charity. Established in 1972, they have grown to have over 500,000 members and supporters. With more than 1,000 protected sites covering 26,000 hectares, Woodland Trust has dedicated themselves to protecting and preserving woodland areas all over the UK.

The Problem

In the past, Woodland Trust relied on pen and paper forms to collect information on new members and potential supporters. Their teams would collect data onto their sign-up forms at various events in the field, bring all that paperwork with them back to the office, and then manually input the data into their system.

There was a number of problems with this process. First, it was incredibly inefficient. Not only did their employees have to record information twice, but they had to do so in two different locations causing a lag between when the information was collected and when it could be used. This kind of redundancy was not only a waste of valuable employee time, but also a waste of money. Second, there was a chance of data being lost or corrupted. These membership sign up forms contained the person information of their members including their names, addresses, contact information, and banking details. These forms were always at risk of being lost or stolen during their trip from the field to the office. Finally, the process was wasteful. The charity organization dedicated to preserving trees and woodland areas was wasting large amounts of paper in their process of receiving more support. They needed a better way.

Array's Solution

Array's platform solved all of Woodland Trust's problems. By digitizing their forms, Woodland Trust no longer had to worry about wasting the time and manpower necessary to manually input forms into their system after collecting the data in the field. They were able to keep the personal information of their customers as safe as possible by keeping it all in the cloud on Array's fully secure platform. Using Array's suite of tools, Woodland Trust was able to promote their mission and goals even in the processes they used to complete their work.

Powerful Mobile Forms

Not only was a mobile form a much faster way for Woodland Trust to collect data, but it streamlined the data collection process by removing the need for redundancy in manual data entry.


Array's secure cloud storage is fully encrypted and incredibly secure, ensuring that the sensitive personal information of Woodland Trust's supporters never falls into the wrong hands

Conditional Logic

Using the intelligence of Array's forms, Woodland trust was able to automate several of their processes. Now, when a form is submitted, copies are automatically sent where they need to go, confirmation emails and texts go to the member based on their contact preference, and they are automatically sorted into various categories based on the answers provided in their intake forms. 


Woodland Trust needed a way to track all their form submissions. Previously, they had to manually input everything into a spreadsheet. With Array, reports are automatically generated and updated, providing them with valuable insight into their members.

Woodland Trust. Powered by Array.

Thanks to Array, Woodland Trust can continue doing the increasingly important work that they do. The difference now that they use Array to power their processes is that they can be more efficient in that work than ever before. Woodland Trust is working to truly change the world for the better, and they rely on Array to help them do it.

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"Array saves us a lot of time, a lot of effort, and it tackles all of our problems" - Steve Marsh, Lead PR Manager