Data collection automation in the claims process

Making a claim can sometimes cause some real problems. Here is how ClickClaims and Array work together to automate the whole claim process.

ClickClaims is a claims management solution using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Since 1999, ClickClaims has processed well over 1,000,000 claims, totalling over $1 billion in indemnity, for small service providers, as well as the world's largest insurance carriers.

To assist with a range of claim forms, ClickClaims have managed to build a selection of these claim forms using Array to ease the claim process such as Storm Triage forms. Once submitted, the claim form is sent directly to the relevant email addresses, so the claims process runs smoothly.

ClickClaims usage results:

Array has allowed us to easily customise our claims form and collect all the relevant information to speed up a claim process.