Array gives Little Kickers more time to do what they love

Array handles the paperwork so that the coaches at Little Kickers don't have to. By digitizing the forms and administration tasks completed on a daily basis, Array gives the Little Kickers' staff more free time to teach the sport that they love to the next generation. 

Who is Little Kickers?

Little Kickers is a kids soccer coaching facility dedicated to introducing the sport to children of all ages. Providing over 45 different classes to over 450 children at 13 different locations, Little Kickers is a fast growing institution. By using small class sizes and experienced and passionate coaches, Little Kickers helps support children not only in their soccer skills, but in their health and development as well. 

The Problem

Playing any sport, especially at a young age, involves a level of risk. Because of this, safety is a large concern for the coaches of Little Kickers. Managing the intake forms, waivers, and visit history of so many children across locations is a daunting task. The coaches became inundated by paperwork and the need for a better data collection and management solution became apparent. The coaches needed to be able to complete, store, and organize their paperwork as accurately and efficiently as possible so that they could actually get to work doing what they love. 

Array's Solution

Array's powerful mobile forms revolutionized Little Kickers' work processes. By using some of Array's key features, the coaches were able to spend more time with the kids without the worry of filling out or collecting paperwork. Here are some of the features that supported Little Kick

Powerful Mobile Forms

Little Kickers digitized every form they previously used by hand. This made filling out registrations, health and safety waivers, and incident forms much faster and more efficient. With only a few taps on their mobile phone or tablet, both coaches and parents could complete forms in a matter of seconds. 


Working with children means receiving express permissions from their parents for any activity with a risk for injury. With Array, signing mobile forms is safe, secure, and incredibly simple for the coaches and parents at Little Kickers. 

Document Storage

Little Kickers has a lot of different forms to keep track of. With paper forms, things can be easily misplaced or forgotten. With Array, the coaches at Little Kickers are now able to pull up any document they need at any moment in just a couple of clicks. Thanks to Array's automatic uploads, Little Kickers' coaches don't even need to worry about remembering to upload their completed forms.


Collecting data is one thing, but seeing what your data says is something else entirely. Before Array, Little Kickers had no way of tracking trends in their data or analyzing the efficiency of their work processes. With Array, their reports are automatically generated and displayed so they are always informed. 

Little Kickers. Powered by Array.

Little Kickers is not only changing the way people teach soccer and interact with younger players, but they are leading the way that businesses collect and manage their data. With Array, the coaches at Little Kickers stopped wasting their valuable time on busywork and boring administrative tasks. They used a smarter, more efficient solution. One that allowed them to get back to the important work. One that allowed them to do more of what they love.

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Little Kickers usage results:

“Array helps us with our registers, minor incident forms and anywhere we were using paper. We also use it to spot trends in bookings.” - Rob Webb, Franchise Owner