Array gives Little Kickers time to do what they really love

We recently spent time with the team at Little Kickers, to find out how Array has given them more time to dedicate to do what they do best; coaching soccer skills to kids.

It was really interesting to speak to Rob Webb, the franchise owner at Little Kickers, Bracknell, Camberley. For the last seven years he’s been building a kids soccer coaching facility where it’s important for prospective David Beckhams to have fun while they learn. At the same time it’s important for them to be safe. Of course, safety is usually accompanied by form filling. From registers, to health and safety forms and minor incident forms, they all take time to complete.

Previously, the coaching team at Little Kickers have spent time filling in paper forms which has taken them away from what they really love, and want to concentrate on; the coaching. As Rob told us they have a total of 12 coaches who provide 45 classes for 450 children, across 13 locations. It’s not hard to see how the paperwork could very quickly become a major time pressure. Now, using Array, all of their paperwork is digital. Just a few clicks, and it’s all completed quickly, in real time, allowing the coaches to spend the maximum amount of time helping the kids in their class.

Little Kickers usage results:

Little Kickers usage results:

“It is quick and easy to use, it takes me two minutes, then I can get out and do what I enjoy, teaching kids”

Array is a versatile solution that allows businesses of all sizes to work more efficiently. Whether it be risk assessment, registers or consent forms Array is fully featured to create just what you need.

“Array helps us with our registers, minor incident forms and anywhere we were using paper. We also use it to spot trends in bookings.”

Rob Webb

Array is straightforward to use, whatever your technical level

During our time at Little Kickers we were lucky enough to speak to two of the coaches with first-hand experience of Array, Dom Needham and Joe Hughes, who both spoke about how easy the system is to use. That’s always good for us to hear, as our aim is always to make our clients’ lives as easy as possible.

It was interesting and rewarding to spend time with the Little Kickers team, and see how using Array has given them more time to spend doing the coaching they love.