Array give Zara Cakes more room to grow

Taking a homegrown business out of house and into a physical store front can be scary for many new small business owners. Bringing on staff, managing finances, and keeping a store running is a huge responsibility. For new businesses like Zara Cakes, these changes can be overwhelming and exhausting. That is why Zara Cakes' founder Zara Neild turned to Array for the support she needed to navigate those changes and give her room to keep growing.

Who is Zara Cakes?

In the home kitchen of Zara Neild, Zara Cakes was born. Soon enough though, Zara Cakes grew to the point where they needed their own storefront, so they moved from the kitchen into a physical location that would become their new home. Crafting fully custom cakes and other baked goods required Neild to hire additional staff to keep up with the growth. She onboarded nine new employees and began taking on a much higher order quantity than ever before.

The Problem

With the addition of new staff and a large increase in business, Zara Cakes became submerged in paperwork. They completed all their order forms on duplicate pads and used pen and paper for every part of their operations. They began to get orders wrong, occasionally missing orders entirely. What was once a booming home business was going under because they couldn't handle the growth.

Array's Solution

Array helped Zara Cakes digitize and automate their processes, enabling them to spend more time baking beautiful cakes and less time filling out and organizing paperwork. Using just a few of Array's powerful mobile tools, Zara Cakes was able to grow into their storefront and begin setting their eyes onto the future of more locations, a baking school, and even a book.

Powerful Mobile Forms

Zara Cakes order taking process was inefficient and costly which led to frequent mistakes and constant frustration. Using Array, they began taking orders on a mobile form. This let them take orders faster, keep their orders organized and easy to access, and saved them money on the duplicate pads they previously used. 

Intelligent Integrations

Zara Cakes was able to integrate Array into their existing Google Calendar. Now, when an order form is submitted, the calendar automatically updates to reflect the order ensuring they never miss a job.

Workflow Automation

With Array's smart automation tools, Zara Cakes can keep the focus on the baking. Zara Cakes utilizes these tools by having email and text notifications sent out to their customers whenever they mark an order as complete.


By using Array's reporting tools, Zara Cakes' operations manager doesn't have to spend any time compiling data at the end of every day to stay informed. She just checks the reports dashboard, which automatically generates and updates on any information she wants based on their ongoing form submissions. 

Zara Cakes. Powered by Array.

With the inclusion of Array in their daily processes, Zara Cakes has given themselves the gift of freedom. Previously, they were barely surviving, constantly struggling against inefficiency. Now, they get to focus on what they do best. They have the time and energy to keep looking towards the future.

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Zara Cakes usage results:

"Array has changed the structure of our whole company. It really really has." - Zara Neild, Zara Cakes Founder