Array helps Natural Power collect all their data whilst they are in the field with no internet access.

We've recently been working closely with Natural Power to help set them up to collect and present their data for further use.

Established in 1995, Natural Power has provided trusted and impartial advice to a global client base with interests in wind, solar, hydro, heat and infrastructure for over 20 years.

To provide this advice they need to collect accurate information across all these sections in various locations. Once collected, the data needs to be exported and to be presented to their client base in a way that suits them.

After spending some time working with Natural Power, we were able to help set up their account so their team can collect information from various locations using current features and newly introduced ones which has enhanced the way they collect and present their data.

Their team now collect information from Windfarms to Offshore locations using Array’s various elements such as data search, tables and repeatable sub forms. Customised PDF's and Word Document's are also uploaded into our system so they can export their submitted data in the way they want.

Natural Power usage results:

Array allows user’s to collect data from all sorts of locations even where there is no internet access. The information still manages to get back to us once the user is connected to internet access again.