Centrally secured, automated data in a usable way

We have recently visited one of the thought leaders in the Entrepreneur world, Virgin Start Up. Virgin, the parent company, has been around for many years and has become one of the most recognisable companies in the world, and in late 2013, Virgin Start Up was launched

The Virgin Startup mission is to change the prospect for up and coming startups and give them a foothold for the future within their industry by offering unparalleled support with designated mentors and ongoing seminars for applicants to attend.

Virgin look to invest in new business opportunities providing anywhere between £500 and £25000 per co-founder. To date, Virgin Start Up have successfully invested into over 2000+ startups and provided over £30M in funding.

With stats like this, you know they are serious about Startup funding!!

The Problem

Despite being a thought leader in the industry, Virgin Startup were falling behind with the way they collected data.

Whether it be an applicant for an accelerator, a startup loan or just contact details for a potential entrepreneur, data needed to be collected in one central place and be accessible to all by being easily manageable for the whole team.

At Array, we have Implemented ourselves within Virgin Startup to refine these processes by making them as streamline as possible. This allows the Virgin team to concentrate on the bigger picture for the startup community.

Virgin Start Up usage results:

Virgin usage results:

“Every week I would have to download different forms and put them in different places”

“Now the process is automated it is a hundred times easier”

Alice Mulrooney (Event Executive)

By allowing documents to be sent to potential clients and returned using the Array app, it became clear this was a no-brainer and meant all the data was in one central location rather than having to gather it all together before contacting a client.

One key feature Virgin Startup couldn't work without is email copy. So by utilizing their process they can now send emails directly from Array.

Either when a form is submitted or a flow is triggered, emails are sent automatically depending on what documents may need to be signed, if they have been accepted or simply just to know their application has been received, thus enabling Virgin’s process to be streamlined and saving all involved a vast amount of processing time of the applications.