Array gives Virgin Start-Up the data they need, exactly when they need it

Every great business starts as a dream, and Virgin Start-Up makes dreams possible. But in order to fulfill this purpose, Virgin Start-Up needs to collect data from the entrepreneurs they work with. A lot of data. With large amounts of data comes a great need to store and organize that data. That is why they use Array to automate not only their data collection process, but also to manage the data they collect. 

Who is Virgin Startup?

Launched in 2013 under their parent company Virgin, Virgin Start-up has become one of the most recognizable companies in the world. Their mission is to change the prospect of up and coming startups and give them a foothold for the future within their industry by providing unparalleled support from designated mentors and ongoing education.

On average, they look to give each startup between £500 and £25,000 of funding per co-founder. To date, Virgin Start-Up has successfully invested into over 2000 start-ups and has provided more than £30 Million in funding.

The Problem

Despite being a thought leader in the industry, Virgin Start-Up was falling behind in the way that they collected data. Whether it was an application for an accelerator program, a simple loan agreement, or even just the contact details of a prospective entrepreneur, the data needed to be collected efficiently and organized in one central location that was accessible by the whole team.

Previously, Virgin Start-Up had all their data stored in various locations and different silos. This made it incredibly difficult to manage the massive amount of data they collected on a daily basis. They constantly faced the problem of having to hunt down information when they needed it rather than have it readily accessible for all parties. Beyond that, they needed a way to track and analyze their data so they could stay informed about their business metrics and investment decisions.

Array's Solution

Array refined Virgin Start-Up's processes by automating and streamlining them as much as possible. Array gave the Virgin Start-Up team a way to stop wasting their time worrying about all the little details so that they could concentrate on the bigger picture for the start-up community as a whole.

Powerful Mobile Forms

By sending, completing, and receiving documents through a mobile platform, Virgin Start-Up was able to speed up the data collection process while keeping all the information in a central location.

Secure Cloud Storage

Rather than spreading their data out across multiple platforms, Virgin Start-Up utilized Array's fully encrypted and secure cloud storage. This made it possible for them to get the information they need at the tips of their fingers rather than searching for it in various different storage locations. 

Email Triggers

By sending custom templated emails directly through Array, Virgin Start-Up saved themselves hours of time that otherwise would have been wasted copying and pasting countless times. 

Workflow Automation

When forms are submitted or certain flows are triggered, notifications are sent wherever they need to go. Whether that be to notify an applicant that their application was received, ask for a signature, or request additional documentation. Anything can be automated, so Virgin Start-Up was able to focus their time and energy on assessing potential partners and mentoring existing ones rather than chasing down information or completing other administrative tasks. 

Virgin Start-Up. Powered by Array.

Array powers the business that empowers businesses. Now Virgin Start-Up not only leads the industry in terms of creative thought and ingenuity, but they also lead the pack in innovation and process optimization. They used Array to streamline the work that they complete, so that they can fund and mentor more businesses that impact the world.

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Formerly known as Launchcloud, see how Array was implemented into the Virgin Start-Up employees' daily jobs:

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“Now that the process is automated it is a hundred times easier” - Alice Mulrooney, Event Executive