ARC uses Array to deliver excellence in global promotional marketing

ARC removes the need for lengthy administrative tasks and mitigates the chances of miscommunication and misinformation by streamlining the data collection and delivery processes. 

Who is ARC?

As a part of the Leo Burnett brand, ARC has a responsibility to create and implement the highest quality intelligent brand engagement solutions for their customers. Utilizing creative marketing strategies, ARC helps businesses activate and test new products while providing ongoing solutions to increase brand engagement. ARC is a leader in the brand activation industry, and that comes with a need to constantly innovate and develop new strategies to better support their customers.

The Problem

ARC's primary goal is to make their clients life easier. Before they implemented Array they used very traditional methods of data collection. Not only was this often expensive, but it required a great deal of administrative work and resulted in a lag between the collection of the data and its delivery to the client. Brand ambassadors in the field needed to collect data and report it efficiently, but the use of pen and paper or excel spreadsheets was slowing down the process. They were spending large parts of their day just filling out forms rather than interacting with customers. ARC needed three things to support and streamline their daily operations:

1. Depth

2. Accuracy

3. Speed of Data

Array's Solution

Array's powerful mobile forms were a game changer for ARC and the way they conducted their business. Data collection became highly productive, incredibly efficient, and 100% accurate. Brand Ambassadors in the field were able to spend less time on paperwork and data entry and more time actually interacting with potential customers. By using several of Array's features, ARC was able to streamline the processes they used to collect, analyze, and deliver data.

Powerful Mobile Forms

By using Array's mobile forms, brand ambassadors saved time in the field and were able to produce more accurate data faster than ever before. Using a phone or mobile tablet made the process incredibly easy. They weren't just able to fill out forms, but also include annotated product photos and scan barcodes for the most comprehensive reports possible. 

Workflow Automation

Using workflows, ARC was able to remove many of the administrative tasks that often slowed them down. What used to take hours in order to cross several desks could now happen instantly. 

User Permissions

One of the main things Array provided that supported ARC's goals was the inclusion of user permissions. Before Array, ARC had to have someone compile a report and send it off to their clients. With Array, the client can log into the platform and see the data in real time as it is being collected. 

Offline Capability

Many of ARC's brand ambassadors work in department stores which often have unreliable internet connections. With Array, this wasn't a cause for concern. They could still collect data and fill out forms and the information would store locally and then upload later when the device was able to connect.


Sometimes field data requires taking down customers personal information. In instances like these, ensuring that data is safe is of paramount importance. Array's fully secure and encrypted cloud storage protected by multifactor authentication ensured that the data ARC collected never falls into the wrong hands.

ARC. Powered by Array.

What was previously a lengthy, expensive, inefficient process which often lacked the desired level of depth and accuracy became a streamlined process. By using Array, ARC was able to provide their clients with a much greater depth of information at a much faster speed. Powering their processes with Array's digital suite of tools allowed ARC to provide more value to their customers, fulfilling their mission to "make brands irresistible".

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ARC usage results:

“With Array we spend less time with our heads in Excel spreadsheets and more time delivering more value to our clients.” - Charlotte Birley, Board Account Director