Array helps ARC to deliver excellence in global promotional marketing

We recently paid a visit to ARC, at their London offices and in the field, to witness first hand exactly how the Array system is helping them to deliver the premium brand activation service for which they are globally renowned.

We were interested to speak to members of the ARC team, who are using Array, to see how it helps them in the delivery of their objectives. As part of the Leo Burnett brand, ARC has a responsibility to create the highest quality intelligent brand engagement solutions to its customers. We were impressed by the amount of awards on display in ARC’s offices, confirming their position as an industry leader.

A major factor in the provision of this award winning service is ARC’s utilization of technology to deliver high quality and current data to their clients in order to inform their marketing strategies and campaigns. This is where Array comes in, with its provision of a data collating and comprehensive report producing facility in one product. We were told that the brand ambassadors out in the field found it particularly useful to be able to populate and submit information straight from a mobile device; so we spoke to some of these ambassadors about their Array experience.

One of the first things the ambassadors mentioned was how great it was to be able to populate forms on site and upload the information straight away, even when they couldn’t get a signal on their mobile device. They told us how much time this saved as they didn’t need to complete any lengthy forms after their in store activity ended. The ambassadors were also eager to tell us how much they loved the fact that they could take pictures of anything relevant in store, using the Array  app, and make notes directly onto the pictures, as well as scanning product barcodes for data purposes.

ARC usage results:

ARC Worldwide usage results:

“Brand activation is a seasonal industry; being able to scale with Array helps keep our overheads low”

Experience shows that working with Array’s comprehensive mobile data product enables the scaling of data collection whilst maintaining the premium quality of data.

“With Array we spend less time with our heads in Excel spreadsheets and more time delivering more value to our clients.”


We were pleased to see just how much the Array system is enabling ARC to streamline their activities whilst continuing to deliver a premium quality brand activation service to a global market. We know that Array delivers excellence in mobile data collection, collation and reporting, but we are always encouraged and gratified to see this excellence in action. Thank you for ARC for allowing us to share their experience.